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Synonyms for offshore

(of winds) coming from the land

at some distance from the shore

Related Words

away from shore


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com/reports/c33185) has announced the addition of Offshore Financial Services in the British Isles 2005 to their offering.
The truth is that Brittain-Catlin's grudge does not really seem to be against offshore financing.
We would like to draw attention to some of the risks associated with offshore IT outsourcing.
Moving routine-type jobs offshore frees up investment capital, and while some low-end jobs disappear, the job pyramid is rearranged--with more higher-paying, more sophisticated jobs.
While many in-house operations can't defer development and support to focus on a single project, offshore firms generally devote 100% of their time to one project.
According to the IRS, holding an offshore card is not illegal if there is a legitimate need, but U.
CalPERS won't say if the "no" vote is the beginning of a pattern of opposing offshore moves or if it's limited to Stanley Works.
Offshore outsourcers help relieve the growing pressure by providing supplementary knowledge and manpower, and typically increase project throughput while reducing the total implementation curve.
The Russian scams are a window onto the seedy world of offshore banking.
banks in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, the two offshore centers where U.
The leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research "The Future of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry to 2020".
Nevertheless, I believe that the upcoming consolidation of the India offshore BPO market will favor a handful of the largest IT service providers in India who are now building BPO resources.
In the book Global Pirates: Fraud in the Offshore Insurance Industry, author Robert Tillman details how technology helps "financial knaves and buccaneers" foist their scams on an unsuspecting public.
First UK offshore wind farm outside territorial waters