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a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication

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Within the 27 years of our existence a lot of material has accumulated and, as you may have seen, it's not only books but also magazine articles, offprints, pictures, posters, videos, tapes and CDs, ephemera, and thousands of newspaper clippings--probably more than anywhere else in the same place.
Unlike the straight National Reporter System offprints, the West law reports published for these states have consecutive pagination.
Petersburg, from the offprints prepared in the polytype style of the 1830s to the small size of the original drawings, intended to reproduce the pocket-size effect of the almanacs of the 1820s (Benua 1980, 396).
In his briefcase were offprints of his most recent papers.
It would be appreciated if scholars would send offprints of articles or complete (as described below) bibliographical information to: Norma Bouchard, Associate Editor; ITALICA; Modern and Classical Languages; University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT 06369; U-57.
Metternich's Great Admirer Clever Peter Viereck'll Seem a bit more of a miracle If he'll hold himself in a particle And refrain from sending us offprints of his every godblessed article.
Their process was on view in an assortment of test runs and offprints that covered the wall behind the gallery's reception desk, with thumbtacks, overlaps, and loose corners all in evidence.
A listing of the entire extant collection of his books has been published in the first volume of Charles Darwin's marginalia (9), the editors of which are currently compiling a second volume based on their listing of the extant copies of Darwin's extensive collection of journals and offprints of published papers.
Yagi was reading in the train offprints of Gundert's German translation and exegesis, together with the original text, of a Chinese classic Zen Buddhist work.
We sent offprints, made phone calls, and met many summers and some winters.
Before her preface and introduction (of which more below), Fenwick inserts a very helpful "Chronology of events and major publications" in Stephen's lifetime; in the body of her study, there follow nine main sections devoted respectively to his "Books," his "Pamphlets, booklets and bound offprints," his "Translations" (only one, actually, of Alexander von Berlepsch's Die Alpen [1861]), his "Contributions to periodicals," "The Dictionary of National Biography," his "Contributions to books and books edited by Leslie Stephen," his "Principal works published posthumously," "Miscellaneous items," and his "Published letters.
Some duplicates and all offprints are sent to the Library of the Scuola Normale Superiore.
RACI is arranging for offprints of this chapter to be made available at a small charge for those who do not wish to purchase the full volume.
54) So does Editio Musica of Budapest, which has issued a number of paperbound offprints from past, present, and even future NLE fascicles.