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a clergyman who officiates at a religious ceremony or service

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However, pre-nuptial conditions were not limited to brides and grooms, the officiant added.
It was just I and Javi, Veronica the officiant, Lea and Marcel our witnesses, and Lesley from the Peninsula who were there on that rooftop.
Being a professional minister might require years of study at a theological college, but becoming a wedding officiant should absolutely not.
Another area where his argument could be improved concerns the differences that attend the new role for the Brahmin officiant in the emerging ancestral paradigm.
As we held him and his family before God in prayer, we found that as people of faith we had much in common and I, as the officiant, felt honoured to be able to minister to and with the family as their local Church of England priest at this sad time.
The white-robed officiant sprinkled holy water on about 50 riders' heads and on their bikes' handlebars and wheels.
Unlawful solemnization of marriage, whether it be an unauthorized officiant or someone who "procures a person to solemnize a marriage knowing he is not lawfully authorized to solemnize the marriage" [section 294(b)] is a crime punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.
95, 136 pages, ISBN 9781452119014), you'll have everything the unclergied, uninitiated officiant needs to know about overseeing ceremonies of any flavor, including religious, interfaith and same-sex.
They offer complete wedding packages, including a ceremony officiant.
They each cover the essential Funeral Director's costs for a cremation or burial, such as the coffin, transport of the deceased to a resting place (within 15 miles), cremation or burial (excluding plot), hearse, an allowance towards doctor's and officiant fees and the service at a local crematorium or cemetery.
On Monday, March 24, 2014, I received a phone call from a woman seeking a humanist wedding officiant.
Pour SM le Roi, il s'agit la precisement de l'objectif de la Charte des Oulemas de 2008, telle que renforcee par "le plan de soutien" pour l'encadrement religieux local, dont le Souverain avait donne le coup d'envoi recemment, et qui est assure par plus de 1300 "Imams-Morchides" officiant dans toutes les regions du Royaume.
The Fort Smith couple wed moments later on a sidewalk near the courthouse; the officiant wore a rainbow-colored dress.
The wedding contract includes many other names: the groom's father Raphael Roos, the bride's father Asher Elsasser, the officiant Rabbi Leo Merzbacher, and witnesses E.
An online cartoon depicted an auburn-haired woman and a bespectacled man being married in a civil ceremony, with an officiant legalising the union saying: "And only failure or exposure will bring you apart.