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The three witnesses, the woman and her second husband went on trial on the charges of forging an official document.
The man will stand trial on a charge of fraud and using an official document that belonged to another.
He also allegedly abused his post to forge official documents by adding a different family name and a 'captain' title next to his first name in the electronic data.
The case dates back to March 2010, when the police arrested the accused and referred him to public persecution on charges of forging official document and impersonating.
On March 29, 2004, Sterling's Chinese partner has signed the contract with Bureau of Land and Resources of Sichuan Province to obtain the mining permit for the Jiajika property with Chinese official document (No.
Time was when high-quality paper and ink were enough to prove that an official document such as an insurance policy, birth certificate or coupon really was official.
A NURSE who referred to two of her colleagues as J Bieber and P Diddy on an official document as a "prank" has been allowed to carry on working.
Khalil Tafakji, who heads the Maps Unit at the Orient House in the occupied East Jerusalem, said that that the Muslim Waqf Department runs the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem but the department does not have any official document to prove Muslim ownership of the holy site.
The cop has been charged with aiding and abetting forgery of an official document, using a forged document and unlawfully using a government entity's seal.
Asked whether there was any official document from a US institution for this recommendation and whether there were any US companies to take over the contracts of the Macedonian companies with Russian firms, the US official's response was negative.
Mehtap Education Foundation head Mustafa BaE-aran told Today's Zaman that he had asked municipal police for an official document that approves the demolition.
the electronic voter-s card distributed by the election commission as an official document relied on by state institutions to prove personality.
Mansour asked to present this complaint to the UN Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon and the presidency of the UN Security Council, so that the latter would distribute it to the Member States in the Security Council and issue it as an official document of the Security Council.
An official document penned by the Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate has surfaced, revealing that Turkey's population administration system has been recording citizens who have Armenian, Jewish or Anatolian Greek (Rum) origins with secret "race codes.
Erdogan said the air strikes and ground operations in the city of Dersim -- now named Tunceli -- killed 13,800 people between 1936 and 1939, according to an official document of the time he cited in his speech.