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If the chairman declines to respond to the official document or ignores the demand, creditors are expected not to delay the maturity date.
Even if we go to the International Criminal Court, it will ask us to show official documents to prove our ownership and that the holy sites are a Waqf," he said.
Instead of showing any official document approving the demolition, they just threatened me.
A statement by the Secretariat General said that the electronic voter-s card is considered an official document relied on by state institutions to prove personality.
Some 11,600 people were exiled to other regions across Turkey, Erdogan said, citing another official document signed by Ismet Inonu, then leader of the CHP and Turkey's second president after Ataturk died in 1938.
CONFUSION over the Government's controversial pay-as-you-throw rubbish plans deepened today after an official document appeared to give the scheme the go-ahead.
In March, 2006, homosexualists redoubled their efforts to have the former Commission on Human Rights introduce a clause to an official document banning discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation;" to date Christians and Muslims have successfully thwarted their attempts.
Allow me to confirm at the outset that the NAE is not circulating any official document on the environment," it read.
However, the DA Form 348 must remain the official document of record because it contains important information that is never transferred to ULLS-G.
THE Metropolitan Police has been asked to question the former Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher (below), as part of a US corruption investigation, according to a leaked official document.
Ball aims to attract more visitors to the area through trade shows in Milwaukee, Chicago and Winnipeg with an official document to be mailed out in April 2003.
Another 100MW wind power project in Jhimpir, Thatta is also operational now and contributing to the national grid, the official document said, adding that it was completed at a cost of $257 million.
Suspects face charges of forging an official document, faking a stamp, and attempting to use the fake document.
A senior official of the Finance Ministry said the Economic Survey, an official document comprising of sectoral economic performance and macroeconomic indicators during the outgoing fiscal year, would be launched on June 11.
By inviting those who disagree with the decision of our negotiating committee to state their views in the official document, we are taking a stand against divisive political infighting in support of full disclosure and democratic debate,'' Gilbert and Connolly said in a joint statement.