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Synonyms for officeholder

someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust

the official who holds an office

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The union's Welsh Council also finalised NFU Cymru's wider officeholder team.
But efforts to establish that independence - which could require officeholders to give up their current oversight over investigations - will likely face political challenges in persuading lawmakers to hand over power to a third party.
The Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution prohibits federal officeholders from accepting any gifts, titles, benefits, income or emoluments from foreign governments or foreign instrumentalities without the consent of Congress in order to prevent undue foreign influence on the U.
According to SDSM, defining what public appearance is and whether for abuse of state resources officeholders should be jailed or just fined were the two items over which VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM had not been able to reach an agreement so the modifications to the election law could be passed with consensus, Dnevnik reports.
Access to a purely personal Facebook page can probably be restricted to a few real friends, but the officeholder needs to be very cautious that the "friends" and the talk on that page are indeed personal and not political.
Officeholder accounts are supposed to pay for constituent services.
By relieving the officeholder of the burden of paying the expense, he also avoids the Sec.
One Capitol Hill staffer for a Texas officeholder told the Tribune he quit his job prior to this latest controversy in part because of his boss's support for Trump.
City law allows elected officials to use their officeholder accounts to hire consultants and do research and polling, but not in the year leading up to a re-election campaign.
A Republican officeholder seeking reelection in Seminole County, Fla.
For instance, while no slaves of either sex was entitled to become an officeholder, the statutes of the black sodality of the Rosary in the Pelourinho (both in 1698 and in 1820) stipulated that women were excluded from the governing body "because of the condition of their sex.
But on the Democratic side, outside of a few pockets of resistance in the Deep South, homophobia is no longer considered a necessary component for a would-be officeholder.
Since 2006, Alarcon has received $6,500 in contributions to his officeholder account from Las Lomas Land Co.
Five nominations have been received for the post of president of the NFU in officeholder elections to be held in February.
There was a large segment of partisan politicos who seriously wanted to impeach the president over sex, but no one is entertaining the idea of impeaching the current officeholder over the senseless deaths of 3,063 men and women.