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a young man who is employed to do odd jobs in a business office

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According to police he stated that section officer Raziaq was creating hurdles in his promotion from office boy (naib qasid) to LDC.
OFFICE boy for obvious reasons prefers to forget an important fact.
I see an office boy, who probably stepped out of his office to get drinks or snacks for his superiors.
Mohammad shiq, an office boy who now lives in Sharjah, said his life changed forever when he came crashing down a machine on a worksite and lost both legs in 2007.
During my office boy days of over 50 years ago, I delivered letters from a colleague to an employee - possibly the overseer of the premises.
WHEN I was an office boy in 1940, I carried telegrams from our office on the first floor of The Exchange to the Exchange Post Office.
In 1979 he tried to destroy all his negatives in a rage after an office boy complained there was no loo paper.
Byline: On the job for 25 years, DNRD office boy says he is happy as ever.
RUIZ MATEOS: secretario que no hubiera sido ni office boy de Ruiz Cortines y Lopez Mateos.
Guests can wear a suit or nice dress if they wish and not risk treading in pigeon mess or getting tomato sauce splashed over the new white shirt as a drunken office boy spreads his chips around.
At the age of 16, he joined the firm of Dwight Veerhis & Perry as a $12 a week office boy.
I was hired as the office boy so you can imagine what went with that.
While one must wait for the result of the Hutton enquiry, it is obvious from the reports that Dr Kelly was described as a 'middle ranking civil servant' by the office boy Richard Hatfield, to whom he was technically responsible.
ONLY a girl as sweet as Janice Beard could hear music every time she sees Sean the gormless office boy (Rhys Ifans).
For the past two years, Modelo has been headed by Carlos Fernandez Gonzalez, only 32, who started at the company as an office boy at age 11.
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