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Synonyms for offhand

Synonyms for offhand

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for offhand

with little or no preparation or forethought

casually thoughtless or inconsiderate


Related Words

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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Previous late-Picasso projects have not focused directly on the dominance of the musketeer subject, whose ascendancy was reciprocal with an attitude about the making of paintings that synthesized many of his (and others') earlier discoveries but pushed even further toward an offhandedness verging on the contemptuous--whether contempt for painting, for himself, his subjects, his audience, for the history he was so energetically attempting to both extend and overthrow, or for all of the above.
Pie conveys the sense of what it is like to go to school with the eerie precision of a documentary--students and staff alike behave with an offhandedness that careful reconstruction could never achieve.
In the course of defending one of O'Hara's least successful novels, The Big Laugh, Wolff describes it with telling offhandedness as "a fiction like all others in that it communicates interior turmoil by means of surface representation," and elsewhere dismisses "psychologically determined characterization" as "a fictional fashion of the day.
Neither of these assertions is very illuminating and their offhandedness invites further speculation.
8) It is typical of his offhandedness with his own productions--witness the many difficulties encountered by his Irish publisher and friends when they began assembling his collected Works in 1732--that he acquired his copy of Contests and Dissensions (at least the copy which he corrected and preserved) not directly from London but from a friend in Dublin.
The stakes are dramatized by the fact that Smith's recent abstractions and his name paintings display a level of ambition and skill belying the apparent offhandedness of his technique.
I like the offhandedness of many of these--which you can buy for $5 or $100--and get these soulful, amazing sounds that you can really harness.
Autobiographical as it might be, the list of titles is also characteristic of a sensibility, a literary aesthetic, that has moved to the forefront of contemporary fiction: intellectually well fed but not epicurean; religious in idiosyncratic ways (in that sense, reminiscent of Blake); fond of the swollen, the purple, the bruised side of life; emotionally rent between disdain and longing; and formally balanced between offhandedness and careful innovation.
The slight offhandedness of getting the new shape by cutting the two shortest books in half could actually confirm the determination to get twelve and recall Virgil.