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Synonyms for offhandedly

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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His worst fears were confirmed when the freshman from Holland offhandedly mentioned that he had heard his knee pop.
As the little boy speaks of his experiences, an organic, unforced sense of the '60s begins to emerge: The boy offhandedly admits to having smoked pot but is vehement about his dislike of the speed freaks who entered and exited his parents' neighborhood crash pad and of the cops who customarily beat up on them.
It was just last year - Toledo's second as UCLA's coach - that announcer Bob Trumpy offhandedly referred to USC as the football school in Los Angeles and UCLA as the basketball school during an NFL telecast.
Scenes of the kid being tortured with electrodes are all the more horrific given the playful way in which they're presented, and the consequences of the torture (almost offhandedly referred to) are similarly shocking.
As their conversation wound down, Robinson offhandedly suggested Smith consider getting his Screen Actors Guild card.
Meanwhile, the killer, O'Byrne's cockney Ralph Ian Wantage, addresses us with creepy nonchalance offhandedly describing how he lured Rona into his van, or showing off the garish tattoos that ultimately connect him to the child murders.
Of course, the vodka martini is not a martini at all,'' he remarked offhandedly, while laying down a few rules for making the ideal martini.
Jerome Kugan's music matches pic's offhandedly evocative tone.
To offhandedly dismiss private ambulance services as somehow contrary to the public good is not only factually unfounded, it does a disservice to the field personnel who daily serve the residents of this region.
Louis Fatale, the manager of Mini Kiss, says the concept of Mini Kiss began offhandedly in 1996 when his brother, Joey, who stood 4-foot-4, was looking at his vinyl record collection when he spotted an unopened KISS live album that was still equipped with the original temporary tattoos and individual pictures of the band.
When I attended a graduate seminar in military history with a professor who specialized in First World War strategy, he commented offhandedly that French generals had little regard for their soldiers' lives.
It was thus a rather odd announcement, made offhandedly by the oil minister with no formal press release and no story carried by the Oil Ministry's own news service.
Prophet offhandedly came up with the lyrics "I hear the record crackle/The needle skips and jumps," and Lipschutz responded with "Bobby Fuller died for you sins.
Martin, however, picked the wrong girl, and when he realized his mistake, offhandedly sent the fan away and said, 'What the f**k are you doing?
Accusations of sexism within anti-fascism are dismissed offhandedly, by pointing out that 'two women' were involved in physically opposing fascists in the East Midlands, in addition to women's special ability to gather intelligence 'by wandering into pubs, dressed up for a night out' (p276).