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Synonyms for offhandedly

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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An alert reader might be puzzled at the assertion that Stella's divorce came as a "stunning blow" to him, or that he is now happily married to Harriet McGurk with no apparent further fallout from frequently having "little room or time for the person he is living with," or that the word "genius" has been slipped so offhandedly into the text.
Almost offhandedly, the woman recalls the eviction of "Basters"--i.
Earlier in the Kings' Western Conference semifinal against Colorado, Murray could have mentioned offhandedly to some columnist that Ziggy Palffy, one of the Kings' two lethal weapons on offense along with Luc Robitaille, was bored with the Kings' system, which requires him to do more than score.
In reminiscing about my hitchhiking days, I offhandedly described them as "back when Hector and I - and some of you - were pups.
Even more noteworthy, though more disquieting, are the performances of Brendan Fletcher and Ian Somerhalder, who play, shockingly offhandedly, the confused, conflicted men who killed Shepard, effortlessly essaying the banal nature of anger, evil and prejudice that shrivel the souls of people who hoped for more from their lives.
In addition to the aforementioned title-role performances, Carol Keis is an insidious delight as Andrei's ever-manipulative provincial wife, Natasha, who proceeds to overthrow the sisters to take over rule of the house while offhandedly cuckolding her husband.
The characters' misogyny and racism is offhandedly depicted - not as a heavy-handed character flaw but as just a fact of life.
In response to Miller's charges, Soboroff offhandedly muttered ``audits, audits,'' and quietly referred to the chief operating officer's tactics as McCarthyism.
After losing the starting quarterback job earlier this week, UCLA junior Drew Bennett remarked offhandedly that he was an ankle injury away from emergency relief.
His worst fears were confirmed when the freshman from Holland offhandedly mentioned that he had heard his knee pop.
It was just last year - Toledo's second as UCLA's coach - that announcer Bob Trumpy offhandedly referred to USC as the football school in Los Angeles and UCLA as the basketball school during an NFL telecast.
As their conversation wound down, Robinson offhandedly suggested Smith consider getting his Screen Actors Guild card.
Of course, the vodka martini is not a martini at all,'' he remarked offhandedly, while laying down a few rules for making the ideal martini.
To offhandedly dismiss private ambulance services as somehow contrary to the public good is not only factually unfounded, it does a disservice to the field personnel who daily serve the residents of this region.
My friends foresee the day when a check pilot offhandedly remarks "Well, I could give you an "up'' if my hands weren't so cold.