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Synonyms for offhanded

with little or no preparation or forethought

casually thoughtless or inconsiderate


Related Words

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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At one point, Rene remarks that the people in his circle liked to hide their sentiments behind literary allusions, and one wonders if the same isn't true of Le veilleur, where those references seem offhanded and anecdotal rather than motivated within a broader textual logic.
Herzog's offhanded cheekiness quickly gets irritating, and his refusal to structure his insights in a readily intelligible way is downright maddening, at least to an historian who stubbornly adheres to the old-fashioned belief that argumentative clarity is a virtue.
For the pamphlet reprint from the Chicago Daily News, Sandburg appended an introduction, "The Chicago Race Riots," in an offhanded, dis-interested voice which provides a startling contrast to the Lippmann introduction.
So she did what a professional social worker usually doesn't have time to do - "I did nothing," she says with offhanded self-effacement.
On certain occasions, that effect may seem innocent enough, cast as it is in an apparently offhanded manner: "It was in Leopoldville that I learned to drive a car, a few years after Patrice Lumumba's death, and moreover to little purpose, since I was to exercise that skill only very rarely thereafter, whenever chance happened to put me in the presence of a Renault 4L" (26).
It gave the offhanded snapshots of performances and installations a sudden feeling of legitimacy, made their haphazard cropping and accidental blurring seem intentional, even stylized, once neatly framed by a bright white border and surrounded by immaculate lines of Univers font.
I was also hurt by the offhanded manner in which people made value judgements about the behaviour of the Alcyone crew, who are led by Bernard Delemotte, an experienced man whose reputation as a passionate defender of whales is known around the world.
18) This has not very much to do with Oka as such, and indeed the uprising is mentioned only at the end of the film, almost in an offhanded way.
Profuse and appealingly offhanded, the show by the Canadian-born duo featured some fifty jointly produced works that ranged from a sprawl of technically brilliant pale blue and green freestanding polystyrene sculptures to cryptic wall-based arrangements of photos and text-covered drawings.
Born in an offhanded remark by an ad exec, GOT MILK?
Krusoe bombards the reader with the outrageous in a most consistent and offhanded tone.
The characters' speech, then, is devious with conscious and unconscious agendas, but both their dialogue and voice-over narrations are also peppered with switchbacks of ingenuous phrasing, sensitive reactions, integrity and offhanded charm.
Together, the unlikely combination of the handsome, effortlessly offhanded Martin and the adenoidal geek Lewis was so unlikely as to be humorous in and of itself.
It's also one of the most sheerly beautiful portraits of a city ever put on film, all the more wondrous for being so apparently offhanded.