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Synonyms for offhanded

with little or no preparation or forethought

casually thoughtless or inconsiderate


Related Words

without previous thought or preparation

in a casually inconsiderate manner

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Caption: Offhanded shooting consisted of running racks of steel plates, which was much more enjoyable than just perforating cardboard targets.
In particular, Holub highlights offhanded comments Nietzsche makes about the pervasiveness of Jews in Leipzig when recalling his time with Gersdorff, an outspoken antisemite.
The critical insight which these illustrations offer is that Ariosto is intentionally dreadful in describing war despite his characteristic offhanded and detached affect.
The violence implicit in this offhanded comment demonstrates that the supposed protection that Temple's brothers and father offer is in itself a kind of victimization and objectification; in fact, her name itself references Southern paternalistic attitudes that have used notions about white female purity as a form of social control.
This final, although briefly presented and offhanded, twist indicates that impassioned Palestinian musicians, who are of different generations, who reside in many different locales, and who have many different experiences, are not monolithic.
the] SS officer inspected us not only in a patronizing, offhanded and condescending way, but as a man in an appraising, smirking, and lascivious manner.
Yet Comingore's gentle, if offhanded, delivery reinforces the fact that Susan never took the idea seriously in the first place since "my voice isn't that kind.
Don't get me wrong; they are not ignoring them or in any way disrespectful; however, they are confident enough in themselves and in their value that they do not spend a lot of time (or their team's time) in pre-meetings, preparing for meetings, or in fire drills emanating from offhanded remarks or inquiries.
My curious husband once again demanded "I don't know, must be a secret admirer", I replied somewhat offhanded Valentine is for mugs, he always would say, Eventually booking a table for two, Once again I got my own way.
What followed was a steady march of NATO eastward to include former Warsaw Pact states, along with the contemptuous, almost offhanded, rejection of a request by post-Soviet Russia itself to join NATO.
Be it a nuanced description of some content, a short diatribe regarding the purpose of the curriculum, or an offhanded comment in the hallway, the views of teachers permeate the educational conversation in schools.
At the same time, he finds that people tend to take his offhanded Tweets too seriously.
Marketers can't just decide to make a change with an offhanded idea such as, "Now, we want to be the fun bank.
Handler previously made offhanded comments about Woodson being allergic to watermelon while hosting the National Book Awards.
The writer, according to her, has shown "no respect for the witness, whose testimony he has misappropriated to substitute his own 'truths', treating history in the most offhanded manner" ("Faux temoignage" 30).