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someone who presents something to another for acceptance or rejection


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Board 2 included one row for each offeror that was a continuum with a minus sign to the left, a center mark in the middle, and a plus sign on the right.
As to the adoption of optical technologies to the medical area, the Tender Offeror and the Target have been developing advanced medical products such as endoscope diagnostics, minimally invasive surgical technologies and bionic materials including new ceramics and intraocular lenses.
Such limitations include (1) favoring one offeror over another, (2) revealing proprietary information surrounding one offeror's intellectual property to a competitor, and (3) disclosing the price of offerors' proposals to others without permission.
Poorly conducted, debriefings can decrease an offeror's confidence in the agency's evaluation practices, and can discourage that offeror from pursuing future business with that agency, thereby decreasing competition.
Additionally, the offeror is asked to certify the commerciality of the offered items.
This right is designed to defeat a two-tiered tender offer by preventing the tender offeror from offering a lower price for shares once the tender offeror has acquired control of the company.
Personal relationships: Yukio Ohara (President of HOYA Service Corporation, an affiliated company of the Tender Offeror) and George Stuart Souther (General Counsel of HOYA CORPORATION, employee of the Tender Offeror) were elected as directors of PENTAX Corporation at the 77th general shareholders meeting held on June 27, 2007, such election to take effect only if the Tender Offeror files a large scale acquisition report (tairyo hoyuu houkokusho) with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau stating to the effect that its share certificates etc.
Mission capability addresses the question, "How does the offeror propose to do the work required by the government?
Offeror may present options and variables to the scope while still meeting the
Exceptional/High Confidence -- Based on the offeror's performance record, essentially no doubt exists that the offeror will successfully perform the required effort.
The selected Offeror shall perform the services as specified in Appendix A, Project Introduction and Scope of Work.
In using the best value approach, the government seeks to award to an offeror whose bid gives the greatest confidence that it will best and most affordably meet requirements.