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someone who presents something to another for acceptance or rejection


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During the evaluation of offerers, the contracting officer must determine if there are conflicts by reviewing information from the offerer and other sources, such as other contracting offices, credit rating services and trade journals.
Consider asking the offerer to sign an attestation that the offer is within the law.
The offerer of the kidney wrote the following advertisement on the e-bay site: "Young man, 38, non-smoker, non-drinker, offers fully functioning kidney.
Ilion admits that it has received approaches "but is now currently in talks with any potential offerer.
It was the fact that the government of the winning offerer was willing to approve importation of Argentine beef in a barter arrangement.
Lyden also pointed out that there have been recent offerings that use REMICs in tandem with REITs to allow the latter to take advantage of certain benefits that would not otherwise be available to the REIT offerer.
Tenders are invited for Ball Bearing Single Row Rigial Journal With One End Shield Size 1/ D - 40 , O/ D - 90, Widh - 23 Mm To Skf 6308 Z C4 Or Similar Offerer To Indicate Brand / Make In The Quotation.