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(especially of clothing) made in standard sizes and available from merchandise in stock

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The post Barnier says it's off-the-peg deal for Britain appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
We can't have them in some ill-fitting, off-the-peg suit.
He added : 'We saw a number of different providers but SOS Connect really stood out in its ability to become bespoke for each part of our business, not an off-the-peg solution, which can only take you so far.
So I can't buy off-the-peg dresses" Actress Joan Collins, above "For 30 years, the Left has blinded itself with sentiment about diversity.
The issues are more wide-ranging and therefore, no off-the-peg answer exists.
com The boutique produces three ranges: Rasperry Tweens (ages 8 - 12), Raspberry Teens (ages 13 -16) and Rasperry Pearls for women (sizes 14 - 32) and offers both a made-to-measure and off-the-peg service.
Saks Fifth Avenue (04 351 5551) has the latest off-the-peg gowns by Vera Wang and Reem Acra.
It refers to the 19 Old Etonians who have now become Prime Minister, even if the most recent one did have to wear off-the-peg clothes and visit terrible places, like northern England, to slip under the radar.
uk all sell off-the-peg covers, but check your dimensions first before buying.
People can choose from simple, off-the-peg dwellings or opt for something more bespoke, involving an architect, as here in this holiday house in Inkoo, a small town west of Helsinki.
More than 40 girls from years 10 and 11 and sixth form, who are studying textiles, hit the catwalk with creations from 50s-style gowns to off-the-peg saris.
On the other hand, one has to make do with an approximate size with off-the-peg suits, where one or a combination of longer arms, a bigger chest, stomach or shoulders are not adequately catered for.
But the kind of off-the-peg fame accorded to current British stars is not for Auerbach.
At 2ft 5in, he can't find off-the-peg suits to fit him.
The move away from bespoke to off-the-peg products has resulted in cheaper and more readily available devices.