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a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires

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The Thar is an iconic off-roader and I am looking forward to owning and driving this stylish off-roader.
You'll have to accept, however, that the Jimny won't ultimately have the wherewithal to reach the places that larger off-roaders can.
There's a precision about the way the Kuga answers your every command that This Kuga, a complete makeover of the original but so close to it in looks it's hard FORD'S latest Kuga is a car that looks like a 4x4 but whether it is a true off-roader is up to you.
Built on a ladder chassis, the Rexton W is a serious off-roader, yet with all the equipment and creature comforts expected of an urban cruiser.
It was a good kick-off start for Maxxis Philippines and the National Association of Filipino Off-roaders (NASFOR) to revive off-roading in Cebu as they tapped the Cebu Off-road Club to be the host club for the event.
ENGINE cycyl POWER cycyl 0-60 cycyl MAX cycylh PRICE PS35,000 IN A WORD Bling WHO'D DRIVE IT School mums and rappers BUltra-desirable coupe meets off-roader
FROM people carriers to rugged off-roaders and firecracker sports cars to electric vehicles, Mitsubishi offers something for everyone.
The 4x4 off-roader is being launched in India and is targeted at the offroading enthusiasts, retro look seekers & people wanting to make a unique style statement.
The iconic off-roader won the category in the 2010 What Car?
KIA'S new Sportage off-roader goes on sale in the UK in August - and it has been specifically developed for our roads and drivers.
Range Rovers will be the basis of what is claimed will be the "most luxurious and exclusive off-roader ever".
As a professional photographer, the author has also included new photographs to capture the essence of each route and give the off-roader a real sense of the destination.
Blame it on the lack of ability to handle low-range mode, which is a requirement for any true off-roader.
MITSUBISHI have unveiled the new Outlander Crossover, a chunky hybrid of saloon, off-roader and estate.
However, when official off-roader organizations are lining up with the timber, mining, grazing, and other industries to oppose any restriction on their access to public lands, they effectively become as "bad" as those other exploitative industries of old.