off-line operation

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a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit

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Orbiter's off-line operation keeps mobile systems managed 100% of the time -- not just the 5% of the time they're connected
Through live demonstrations and case studies, N+I attendees will be able to see how the tool's modeling and reporting features, consistency and error checking and non-intrusive off-line operation (right up to cut-over day) help ensure large organizations' smooth transition to 4.
Depending on the applications, we offer different models - Pegase, Gemini and Aquila - as complete lines for off-line operations or single modules to be installed in-line.
A rotary cutter can automate inline cutting of many resins," explains Bob Bessemer, Conair Sales Manager, Medical Extrusion, "but for other more brittle materials like crystal polystyrene, high-density polyethylene or highly-filled resins, processors concerned about getting a clean, square end cut had to resort to manual, off-line operations.
is an independent market research firm specializing in the on- and off-line operations driving business globalization, internationalization, translation, localization, and interpreting services.
You may wish to consider how it applies to you and how your online and off-line operations can best serve individual product requests, and how you could serve those customer's needs in terms of fulfilment
Will we find differences in the strategy-performance relationships of pure online firms (pure plays) and firms with both online and off-line operations (clicks and bricks)?
Current technology" paper machines typically are wider and faster, integrate off-line operations, solve long-standing quality and operating issues, and reduce operating costs.
Incode's goal is to build a successful portfolio of diversified eBusinesses with integrated on- and off-line operations.
Few retailers have a better understanding than REI of how to integrate online and off-line operations in a seamless approach," said Robert Spector, author of the book Anytime, Anywhere: How the best bricks and clicks businesses deliver seamless service to their customers.
It is also anticipated that the off-line operations of Cheap Tickets, Inc.
Fat client benefits, such as optimal compression and full functional off-line operations, are combined with the thin client benefits of rapid application deployment and no administration-- all fully functional even when the device is not within wireless coverage.