off-line operation

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a operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit

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Attendees will be able to see how they too can benefit from the Toolkit's modeling and reporting tools, consistency and error checking processes, and non-intrusive, off-line operation to reduce cost, minimize time and ensure a smooth, risk-free migration to 4.
Through live demonstrations and case studies, N+I attendees will be able to see how the tool's modeling and reporting features, consistency and error checking and non-intrusive off-line operation (right up to cut-over day) help ensure large organizations' smooth transition to 4.
Other off-line operations include assembly, cutting, 5-axis CNC machining, hot-stamping, kitting, routing, silk screening, solvent welding, and special packaging.
Depending on the applications, we offer different models - Pegase, Gemini and Aquila - as complete lines for off-line operations or single modules to be installed in-line.
A rotary cutter can automate inline cutting of many resins," explains Bob Bessemer, Conair Sales Manager, Medical Extrusion, "but for other more brittle materials like crystal polystyrene, high-density polyethylene or highly-filled resins, processors concerned about getting a clean, square end cut had to resort to manual, off-line operations.
Also, the acquisition is in line with TSL's strategy to beef up its on- and off-line operations in the US, the company added.
The system is able to produce newspapers in any format (tabloid, broadsheet, Berlin) in both in-line and off-line operations.
You may wish to consider how it applies to you and how your online and off-line operations can best serve individual product requests, and how you could serve those customer's needs in terms of fulfilment
Caught in the middle are the multiple channel retailers, which also typically have both online and off-line operations.
Will we find differences in the strategy-performance relationships of pure online firms (pure plays) and firms with both online and off-line operations (clicks and bricks)?
Current technology" paper machines typically are wider and faster, integrate off-line operations, solve long-standing quality and operating issues, and reduce operating costs.
These sites should be maintained at minimal cost and regarded as a supplement to off-line operations and, perhaps, as an additional channel for subscription sales.