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not on a regular route of a transportation system

not connected to a computer network

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Key words: welding robots, off-line programming, cable bundle 3D modelling
When it comes to high end workstations or high-performance, cost-effective storage for near-line and off-line storage, SATA offers what storage managers need to manage their company's information.
The non-contact, non-intrusive optical measurement technology of the NovaScan 2020 Copper unit on the Applied Mirra Mesa CMP system uses spectrophotometric technology to measure and detect copper and barrier metal residues as well as erosion of the copper arrays, enabling improved control of the polish process and the elimination of time-consuming off-line measurements.
The replica, which performs off-line processing of queries and report generation requests during the day, regularly goes down at 1:00 am, allowing replication of the call center's 100-Gigabyte data set to commence.
The alternative is to collect a sample in the clinic and transfer it to the central laboratory for off-line measurement.
0 offers enhanced off-line services such as off-line form submission, which allows Web-based forms (e.
Scenarist Off-Line has been designed specifically to meet the needs of these users and, at $1,495, is the lowest priced "professional quality" DVD authoring tool in the market.
Near-line storage consists of optical media jukeboxes and automated tape-retrieval libraries, while off-line storage consists of shelved optical and magnetic media.
Since the beginning of this year, the growth in off-line reading services has been explosive.
Three of these off-line chunks lie near the brightest fragment and were also seen -- though less clearly -- in pictures taken by Hubble last July.
An area reserved for show listings, announcements, and news of art and art-related events connects back to the off-line world.
The number of on- and off-line electronic databases (EDBs) for the plastics industry has increased significantly in the past five years.
This campaign is designed to use off-line and on-line channels to raise the awareness of all parents - not just those who are Internet savvy," said Charles Curran, AOL's Chief Counsel for Policy and a member of the Taskforce.
The news at the show included the first two-armed, 13-axis robot; the first use of RFID technology for automated tool changing; new simulation developments for off-line programming of single or multiple robots in work cells; and a new modular work-cell concept that lets users easily add or remove "plug-and-play" modules for secondary operations.