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without preparation


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But when I set my eyes on you, and heard you express yourself as you did just now, I sez to myself, sez I, 'Dick, yer's a young lady, and a fash'nable lady at that, ez don't go foolin' round on rules and etiketts'--excuse my freedom, Miss Carr--'and you and her, sez I, 'kin just discuss this yer matter in a sociable, off-hand, fash'nable way.
let us try another sheet of paper, and finish our dispatch off-hand.
And there he seriously repeated the proposal he had made me off-hand in the road.
I could have struck the man across the face, so hot was I at this callous and off-hand reference to so delicate a matter.
Director of the bearings sales department of UPEC-Trading Vitaliy Buhrov said, "For several years of operation of agricultural machinery with the off-hand HARP AGRO bearings with a unique sealing, Bulgarian farmers have assessed their quality and reliability.
Shaped like a bucket, it's 28 inches wide at the top, 22 inches wide at the bottom and 32 inches high, but it's shot off-hand.
Using the off-hand thumb to exert pressure is first attributed to Dave Sevigny, by way of fact source of Mr.
De La Rosa also finished as the rifle off-hand SHI champion with 153 points.
This training programme will play a vital role to enrich the academic career and provide them off-hand opportunities, where knowledge from theoretical work is applied in real terms.
For 2016, Darton is introducing a whole new TOXIN series of crossbows, each featuring Darton's compact, bullpup tactical stock, an off-hand guard, a dry-fire prevention system, a trackless aluminum barrel and patented barrel dampener and suppressor.
This is the kind of off-hand statement that makes overworked NHS staff angry.
Any speculation about possible trade-offs between Russia's actions in Syria and in Ukraine needs to be rejected off-hand, as it would not only be immoral, but what is even worse, ineffective," he stressed.
Harry Tressler's jealous reaction to this tall, good looking Irishman with his own helicopter serves him right for the off-hand way he's treated her in the past.
But in a country where two months ago we were witch-hunting a "comedian" for an off-hand comment about rape, can we really all, without reeking of hypocrisy, jump on the Voltairequoting, free speech bandwagon?