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Ben Flower of Wigan Warriors has been charged with the Grade F offence of violent and aggressive punching/punching an off-guard opponent (Lance Hohaia) in the second minute of the match," said a statement on the RFL website.
Despite big-wave warnings, two walls of water caught dozens of spectators off-guard and knocked them over onto a rocky beach as they watched a Northern California surfing contest, leaving some with broken bones.
In a 1996 article on Seamus Heaney's poetry, Suzanne Keen comments that Heaney shows us being "caught off-guard by the marvelous" (Commonweal, May 17, 1996).
This theme was taken up again in the video, Les Chefs d'Etat (The heads of state, 1993), a series of images of political figures caught off-guard, zapped incessantly at the viewer.
For the individual taxpayer, Davis said, the feature most likely to catch him or her off-guard is the fact that an individual can no longer rely on the previous year's tax for relief from a tax penalty, if he or she was assessed a penalty for failure to pay the correct amount of estimated tax in any of the three preceding years.
The economy and events following September 11, 2001 caught us somewhat off-guard and we lost the focus we needed.
If Collison can't play, freshman Russell Westbrook will start, and leading scorer and off-guard Arron Afflalo will be the backup.
Being a former high school wishbone option coach, I have always incorporated an open package to keep the defenses off-guard and force them to play assignment football.
While in town, the "Girls" will take to the streets to catch the residents of San Francisco off-guard with their signature pranks.
We were caught off-guard,'' said red-faced Emmy producer Annie Thingforajoke.
The distinguished British actor, who had been working extensively since the 1960s, might have been caught off-guard by the intense focus brought on by an Academy Award nomination.
While in town, the "Girls" will take to the streets to catch the residents of Miami off-guard with their signature pranks.
Caught off-guard: For all the time Francisco Rodriguez puts into preparation, approach and performance, he can still be caught off-guard.
Graden explains that MTV decided to focus on the "seeds of hate" after an early national survey they conducted among 12- to 24-year-olds showed that concern about discrimination was on the rise: "It caught me off-guard, because as a gay man, I thought, We've made such strides--I mean, isn't this an inclusive world?
While in town, the "Girls" will take to the streets to catch the residents of New Orleans off-guard with their signature pranks.