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Synonyms for off-center

situated away from the center or axis

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The company notes that off-center necks usually require a ramdown neck finish--but this is incompatible with standard dairy industry capping.
As your brain tries to adapt to this off-center vision, you feel wobbly and out-of-control.
This off-center orientation became the defining look for the new, digital generation of ELPH cameras.
equipped with Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) to address a temporary steering wheel off-center condition that may develop under a specific driving maneuver.
Her romantic relationships seemed off-center from the start, the biggest fiasco being her attempt at marriage with Chorus Line choreographer/director Michael Bennett.
With some subtle suggestions from a slightly off-center English teacher, both Casey and Stew find themselves smitten with love interests who appear to be perfect.
Ryan Boschetti moved from tackle, which is closer to the opposing center, to Leisle's off-center tackle spot.
In Capitol Records, the titular building (another iconic LA institution and a kitsch standard of sorts) was placed slightly off-center, giving a pair of floodlights on the left, a mechanism supposed to draw attention to the structure, almost as much presence as the building itself.
HDPE milk bottles with an off-center neck can now be produced on standard reciprocating-screw blow molders with no cycle-time penalty, says Uniloy Milacron or Manchester, Mich.
In the November PHYSICAL REVIEW E, the researchers report that the funneled sand, which flows onto a small section of the mounting heap, consistently produced piles with off-center maximum pressure.
The film's other lucid witness is Alig's mother, a blond hausfrau who projects an off-center quality that initially makes us want to giggle.
ClearVue uses a patented off-center tomosynthesis imaging technique that more accurately exposes lead-free solder problems and better inspects densely packed single- or double-sided boards containing BGA-style components.
The problem is that during the beginning of the treatment if the patient was looking slightly off the fixation target or if the doctor did not correctly center the laser treatment, then the patient's vision will be less than perfect due to the laser treatment being off-center.
I put the breath and an off-center axis on top of that.
This year's collection is filled with quirky stories and somewhat off-center characters.