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Synonyms for off-center

situated away from the center or axis

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The steering wheel off-center position will automatically be corrected in about 5 seconds by the VGRS system as the vehicle is driven, the company said.
The ability to attach components in off-center applications.
The skyscraper's unique diagonal-grid frame, which starts above the old building, stems from the off-center core's need for unusually robust support.
If you put it on upside down, the washer is off-center and the secondary drive lever assembly will be difficult to install.
But Sikander also draws circles set on a black background or off-center in a field of colored straight lines and curves.
As far as I am concerned, the report that a live stamp pasted on the envelope off-center or at an angle outpulls one placed "correctly" is an urban myth.
This can cause problems with regard to such things as reverse loading or off-center situations during forming.
in Paris, France, make it feasible to produce what is described as the first off-center, rib-free PET bottle for noncarbonated water.
To evoke the Casimir force, the researchers suspended a tiny, gold-coated ball by a wire just above the plate and off-center.
To create height, Nakisha gave Mirhonda a zigzagged off-center part, then worked in Back to Basics Silk Grooming Creme to separate and define the layers.
3" dia, pitch circle hole drilling and off-center holes.
Featuring an off-center neck and handle, the new design is said to replicate the balance of a pitcher for easier handling and control.
The Y-axis provides a large stroke for off-center machining, a double-arm automatic tool changer and a magazine that holds up to 180 tools.
Tod Williams's The Adventures of Sebastian Cole sounds the most pleasingly off-center, with the quietly sexy Clark Gregg as the young hero's transgendered stepdad.
As your brain tries to adapt to this off-center vision, you feel wobbly and out-of-control.