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located outside a military base

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Our legislation would make sure no active duty service member would be denied reimbursements for off-base housing expenses when they are on long-term temporary duty.
The US military in Okinawa imposed an off-base alcohol ban and midnight curfew in late May after a civilian base worker was arrested in connection with the death of a 20-year-old local woman.
Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ), said: "Effective immediately, sailors are permitted to consume alcohol on base or in their own personal off-base housing units.
Forces Japan has partially lifted the off-base drinking ban ordered for all military personnel in Okinawa, the U.
Griffis gave a few tips on how to save money when staying in off-base lodging in the states mentioned above:
During FY09, Navy programs cared for more than 49,000 children ages six weeks to 12 years of age in 128 child development centers, 86 school-aged care programs and 3,115 onand off-base licensed child development homes.
In San Diego and elsewhere, public-private ventures have transformed scores of beige, nondescript military family housing communities into more modern, colorful and comfortable neighborhood communities that look like off-base housing.
DOD has requested funding for off-base road improvements around growth installations for all projects that met the DAR program criteria and the DAR program office had already completed the assessment process at the time of our review.
Naval Forces, Japan (CNFJ) estimates that 6,000 Navy and Marine Corps service members and their families are living off-base in Japanese communities.
THE CLICKING PROJECTOR, grainy images, off-base predictions--remember those great old filmstrips?
Barry" McCullough implemented a program to suspend on-base driving privileges for military personnel who were arrested or ticketed by law-enforcement authorities, on or off-base, for serious traffic violations, pending disposition of the offenses by civil authorities or the regional security traffic-court administrator.
CNT chose to interpret the Second Vatican Council through the eyes of its founders, who were off-base already at the time of the paper's foundation.
Your closing editorial comment in the July 2006 issue about "GA users (continuing) to ride entirely for free" is way off-base.
Our Chariots will enable individual soldiers to move around bases quickly and efficiently, and free up the Army's workhorse HMMWVs to be used off-base, where they are urgently needed to protect our troops.