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a year in which productivity is low or inferior

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a year in which no major political elections are held

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This year should have been an off year but most of my trees in the orchards are heavy with fruit.
Despite the off year RF power amplifier sales for wireless infrastructure will top $2.
IT'S truly amazing that banks can continue to rip us off year in and year out yet when they are in trouble, it is us, the taxpayer and customer that is baling them out.
Her former Valencia teammate Ashley Herrera, who joined UCLA with Creps, is having an off year as a returning starting outfielder.
We have been fobbed off year after year, and now all we are getting is the Diana Ditch.
Very rarely do you see that, where up and down the lineup, from one to eight, everyone has an off year.
For Schilling (8-8), this has been an off year even though he now leads the league with a 1.
According to a new report from market researcher NanoMarkets LLC, 2006 is projected to be the take off year for mobile fuel cells, leading to a projected market size of US$1.
He was 11th on the Red Wings in scoring and, at age 36, the question is: Did he have an off year or is he done?
in the normal ramp-up that follows an off year with little-to-no political or Olympics revenues," says Robin Flynn, Kagan senior analyst.
Today we can create new programs and enter new markets faster with greater efficiency and with greater accountability to manage risk at a whole new level - and our growth demonstrates that our focus is paying off year over year.
Glaus, the enigmatic 6-5 third baseman from UCLA, had an off year - at least for him - this season, hitting .
The change from jazz to a rock style music may be affecting the clientele who are visiting Bourbon Street but it is too early to tell if this is a trend or just an off year.
Coming this September to Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC Windows 95, and Winter to Nintendo 64, NHL Breakaway '98 will have gamers facing off year round.