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Synonyms for wagon

van used by police to transport prisoners

a group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major

a child's four-wheeled toy cart sometimes used for coasting

Related Words

a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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Gazza, 43, who has battled booze for much of his adult life, fell off the wagon in Rothbury in 1999 when he was spotted drunk in a local pub.
When her rehab is over she's likely to enter Wonderland's 'Clean Living' programme which allows her to work but live nearby to stop her falling off the wagon.
15am when he was arrested earlier this week for allegedly assaulting a man in a Kensington nightclub, so I must assume he's fallen off the wagon again.
Of course, she falls off the wagon at one point, then does something really stupid.
I remember when we took him to the Carlisle sales he attracted a crowd of people as he came off the wagon.
Instead of paying for rehab it should be free, then if they fall off the wagon it's their look out.
Best, who fell off the wagon recently, has had Antabuse tablets inserted into his stomach wall to keep him off the booze.
Farage likes the odd beer, like the 13th or 15th, so there has to be a chance he will fall off the wagon, even if only to check there are no illegal immigrants beneath it.
London, Oct 24 ( ANI ): Troubled England football legend Paul Gascoigne has shared a snap of himself looking fit and healthy just days after falling off the wagon with a massive binge last week.
We had another and of course by now the wheels were off the wagon.
Sheard, of Healey Lane in Batley, said he had fallen off the wagon a following his friend's recent death.
Two weeks ago Nigel fell off the wagon but he is getting back on it again in time for the ban.
When we hopped down off the wagon, vineyard worker Adolfo Holguin gave us a quick tutorial on picking the grapes: steel cutting hook around the vine that holds each clump, free hand gently supporting the grapes, swift clipping motion to free them, and into the bin they go.
Then Terence falls off the wagon and has a fight in the Woolpack with Adam, before confessing his sins, knocking Turner out and stealing his cheque for pounds 20,000.
But the troubled star fell off the wagon for the fifth time over the past 10 years and went into rehab.