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of great significance or value

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The values of exports and imports grew rapidly and at about the same rate, but net exports fell because die initial value of imports was somewhat higher than the initial value of exports.
significant levels of imports or import market share;
The improvement reflected continued rapid growth in merchandise exports, coupled with significant slowing of the growth of imports from the pace recorded in recent years.
This study aims to estimate how much of imports are used for domestic consumption of Pakistan but to estimate this we have to find the share of imports that are used as intermediate goods for exports and that are invested in the economy we will only then be able to estimate the share of imported goods in total consumption as a residual.
As with exports, the increase was about the same in nominal terms, as prices of imports on average changed little during the year.
The increase in the value of exports was almost matched by the increase in the value of imports (table 2).
This pattern resulted in part from special factors: The dollar's appreciation held down the increase in the value of imports in the first half of the year, and the strike at Boeing reduced exports in the fourth quarter.