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morally offensive

having a natural fragrance

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Odors were administered through an odor delivery system, which comprised an inlet and outlet rubber tubes connected to a container for placing odoriferous substance.
In the present research, phenethyl alcohol was the analyte with the second highest concentration; it had been reported as the largest odoriferous component in Finnish sherry and berry wines (NYKANEM, 1986).
After a preliminary shower, I was directed to a rather large rectangular "bath" of brownish-black, tarry, odoriferous viscous mud and told to step in and then lie supine.
Conversely, the oxygenated compounds are highly odoriferous and, hence, the most valuable.
Each part of the plant possesses variety of biological activities such as antibiotic, antifungal, antioxidant, antipyretic, antiproliferative, antiscorbutic, antiemetic, antiulcer, analgesic, astringent, cordial, digestive, diuretic, febrifuge, laxative, nutritive, odoriferous, restorative and stimulant.
Because of odoriferous, aroma and flavor additives provide and/or enhance the aroma and flavor of foods without nutritional purpose (Moodie et al.
The odoriferous gas is continuously released from the surface of the slurry and fouled floor surfaces (MAFRA, 2010).
Anisidine value indicates the secondary stages of autoxidation, which are characterised by the formation of aldehydes, ketonses, alcohols and odoriferous compounds (Table 1).
We drove the wagon and its odoriferous contents out to the field and began to unload it, using five-tined manure forks.
Meyers and Zein-Eldin (1972) discovered that carideans have a strong preference for more odoriferous foods, because diffusion of certain substances in the water stimulated individuals to approach.
DISCUSSION: Patients with PAS present for medical attention only when the aural pits discharge odoriferous putty secretions or pus, abscess formation or cystic swelling near the pit.
It's only fitting that in this team game just about everyone outside of receiver Julian Edelman was culpable Sunday in ensuring the offense remained oddly odoriferous.
The next six days were well documented by various media, who were our constant companions through this odoriferous affair.
a plant of the verbenaceae family, popularly known as "Alecrim-Pimenta", is a bush with a brittle stem and odoriferous leaves, typically found in Northeastern Brazil.