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morally offensive

having a natural fragrance

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Odoriferous compounds are mainly produced via the process of protein degradation rather than that of carbohydrate and a large amount of dietary protein (about 12 to 18 g per day) enters the GIT (Davila et al.
Procurement Representation and Protocol Branch Neptune Wants to Buy Cleaning Products, Disinfectants, Chemicals, Detergents, and Toilet Paper Odoriferous Preparations to Serve All Departments, Hotels and Villas in the Branch, Over A Period of 12 Months From Contract Award.
It's only fitting that in this team game just about everyone outside of receiver Julian Edelman was culpable Sunday in ensuring the offense remained oddly odoriferous.
The next six days were well documented by various media, who were our constant companions through this odoriferous affair.
a plant of the verbenaceae family, popularly known as "Alecrim-Pimenta", is a bush with a brittle stem and odoriferous leaves, typically found in Northeastern Brazil.
Cephalothorax, lateral borders of eye mound and around opening of odoriferous gland with black tipped denticles.
Whilst we were moving we were hardly aware that we had this odoriferous cargo with us, but when we stopped at the stations it was brought home to us very forcefully.
A team of Japanese researchers in 2000 discovered that concentration of the chemical 2-nonenal, which is an odoriferous substance found in sweat or on the skin, increases with age.
It should be stressed that game is divided into a certain number of categories including one, at the very least, which is the non-nauseating or not "stinking" game (mainly small game of the ground, which does not possess odoriferous glands: see below).
The odoriferous compounds act as a force field and disorient the insects, rendering them unable to sense our CO2.
Of foremost concern was a proposal for a large artificial lake in the park, a proposal that some loved and others derided as a "slimy, odoriferous frog pond.
Production of Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Odoriferous Compounds 63
But somehow, despite the occasional embarrassment, the odoriferous side effects of a hearty meal seem perfectly normal.
grapes, and gratefully odoriferous pine-apples appear spread upon the
That was when only cows would roam the by-lanes of HKV after sunset, leaving odoriferous trails of dung and urine, and the lake that Firuz Shah Tughlaq built was as dry as the back of the bovines who ruled the Village.