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Synonyms for oddity

Synonyms for oddity

a person who is appealingly odd or curious

Synonyms for oddity

eccentricity that is not easily explained


Related Words

a strange attitude or habit

References in classic literature ?
Some of the sound bees warned them that ill-gotten gains never prosper, but the Oddities at once surrounded them and balled them to death.
But think of those awful, solemn, lop-sided Oddities waiting for us at home crawling and clambering and preaching--and dirtying things in the dark.
And anything is better than working for Oddities that chirrup about work that they can't do, and waste what we bring home.
How it was capped, and how desperately they worked to feed and double-feed the now swarming Oddities, lest any break in the food-supplies should set them to instituting inquiries, which, with songs about work, was their favourite amusement.
Even the Oddities would now join the crowd that hung out on the alighting-board, and would sing of work among the merry, merry blossoms till an untrained ear might have received it for the hum of a working hive.
More than that," chanted the Oddities in the sunshine; "you have created a new heaven and a new earth.
The Oddities crawled in and a Voice behind a Veil said: "I've neglected the old Hive too long.
The first instinct of a frightened bee is to break into the stores and gorge herself with honey; but there were no stores left, so the Oddities fought the sound bees.
They heard a frame crack stickily, saw it heaved high and twirled round between enormous hands--a blotched, bulged, and perished horror of grey wax, corrupt brood, and small drone-cells, all covered with crawling Oddities, strange to the sun.
A cascade of Oddities, chips of broken comb, scale, fluff, and grubs slid out, crackled, sizzled, popped a little, and then the flames roared up and consumed all that fuel.
The daguerreotypist once whispered her that these marks betokened the oddities of the Pyncheon family, and that the chicken itself was a symbol of the life of the old house, embodying its interpretation, likewise, although an unintelligible one, as such clews generally are.
s Eye-Popping Oddities is packed full of incredible photographs, unbelievable stories, and amazing facts, strange traditions, and weird collections, along and with thousands of crazy new oddities.
Roland Allnach (author); ODDITIES & ENTITIES; All Things That Matter Press (Fiction: Science Fiction) 16.
Sir, UB's new Oddities biscuits - which turn the normal munch into j a more engaging eat ('How random .
Full-page color representations capture daily life and culture and captures the beauty and oddities to be found in a city, covering walls, posters, and visual poems reflecting urban culture.