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someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group

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When he denied it, I believed him ON PERVERT HALL An odd fish and socially awkward, nobody knew that he had such a dark past ON THIS MORNING'S FRED TALBOT He was known to be a real s*** and I was glad to hear that he was found out ON SIR CLEMENT FREUD
Long said that the odd fish shows how complex the deep ocean can be-as well as the vast potential for encountering weird new creatures.
I only hope my other half isn't opposed to the odd fish head lying about
James Kennedy's THE ORDER OF ODD FISH (9780385735488, $15.
Muralist Michael Cole has added his touch to the exhibit with paintings of some of the odd fish that were too big or rare to be shown at the exhibit.
Dressed in black and happiest when buried in a book, Emily feels like an odd fish.
Fast forward to the Knavesmire last week and King Kenny's namesake had the look of a man who was no stranger to the odd fish supper or three.
Solitary Fomalhaut makes Piscis Austrinus seem unschooled in the ways of more gregarious fish, but there's an even more compelling reason to count this odd fish out.
There's also the odd fish and octopus as well as Amanda's fish "picture".
Davies writes: "A person who never responded emotionally to music, although inclined to attribute expressiveness to music, would strike us as a very cold and odd fish indeed, and we might wonder whether this person really could appreciate and understand what she hears, even if she could provide technical descriptions of what happens in the work" (p.
On December 25, 1938, a trawler fishing off South Africa brought up an odd fish about 5 feet long.
Then on Tuesday evening, with a different party aboard, the same area produced nothing - just odd fish.
Again neither the couple - or, Richard says, anyone on the show - had any idea Talbot, who he describes as "an odd fish, and socially awkward", had such a dark past.
Very few codling have shown from the open rocky shoreline with only the odd fish around 2lb
Ron Gibbs, from Caerphilly, just made it to first place after seven carp caught in the margins in the final hour boosted his catch to 70lb 8oz and put him just eight ounces ahead of Rob Dyer who had looked a likely winner after catching odd fish all day.