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someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group

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On August 18, 2011, the extension of Odd Fellow Road with a new interchange at Route 460/29 was adopted to the Central Virginia Transportation Improvement Program.
Geib, administrator of United Odd Fellow & Rebekah Home, says, "Through a partnership with P.
Originally constructed in 1914 as the Odd Fellow Building, it was modernized in 1969, and more recently improved as a 9,400 square foot four-story mixed use building.
Ken Palikij, Noble Grand of Elgin Lodge 12 and Katy Turner Noble Grand of Rebekah Lodge 120 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, recently announced that several scholarship awards are available for students who are residents of Illinois and citizens of the United States.
For example, Michael Boonstra and Andrew Myers' collaboration in the Odd Fellows building shows the landscape both from near and far away.
Burgstrum, who is one of a handful of remaining members of the Council Bluffs chapter of the Odd Fellows, wanted to sell the antique because he was trying to raise money to pay the property taxes on the fraternal organisation's hall.
The new outlet is situated in the old Temple of the Odd Fellows Building, and is expected to open for business in November 2012.
In her new book, based on her dissertation, Ami Pflugrad-Jackish examines how secret fraternal organizations, like the Freemasons, the Sons of Temperance, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, united white men across class lines in Virginia on the eve of the Civil War.
Back in 1991, this now-thriving studio was just a group of movement enthusiasts hoping to preserve the historic Odd Fellows Hall--a beautiful late- 19th-century building in downtown Cambridge--and create a space devoted to dance.
The anthology, The Miracle of High Street, has been put together by students on a course at Odd Fellows Hall in Warwick Street, Leamington.
PUBNAMESODDFELLOWS ARMS STRATFORD The name originally referred to the Independent Order of Oddfellows - a social and benevolent society - but the Odd Fellows pub in Stratford-upon-Avon interprets the name in Shakespearian context, depicting four 'odd fellows' from the Bard's plays.
His friend, Neil Owen, 26, lived in the street until he moved to a flat above the village's Odd fellows pub last year.
It's the motto of The Order of Odd fellows (Friendship, Love, Truth), a collective of like-minded tradesmen almost as old as Latin itself which can trace its roots back to the exile of the Israelites from Babylon in 587BC.
The play will be staged at Odd Fellows Hall, Stafford at 12.