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Synonyms for odd

Synonyms for odd

causing puzzlement; perplexing

agreeably curious, especially in an old-fashioned or unusual way


Synonyms for odd

not divisible by two



not easily explained

Related Words

an indefinite quantity more than that specified

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e

References in classic literature ?
I cannot pretend to recount all that he told me, but I gleaned from what he said that he was the genius who presided over the contretemps of mankind, and whose business it was to bring about the odd accidents which are continually astonishing the skeptic.
Having completed them to my satisfaction, I again looked toward the time-piece and was half inclined to believe in the possibility of odd accidents when I found that, instead of my ordinary fifteen or twenty minutes, I had been dozing only three; for it still wanted seven and twenty of the appointed hour.
My dreams were terrifically disturbed by visions of the Angel of the Odd.
While I stood bewildered at the suddenness of this accident, (which might have happened, nevertheless, to any one under the sun), and while I still continued incapable of sight, I was accosted by the Angel of the Odd, who proffered me his aid with a civility which I had no reason to expect.
Put your right hand into your left hand preeches pocket, ten, in token ov your vull zubmizzion unto te Angel ov te Odd.
He may be a little odd and flighty, perhaps, many of us are that; but downright mad
Upon my word," cries Jones, "thou art a very odd fellow, and I like thy humour extremely; I shall be very glad if thou wilt come to me after dinner, and drink a glass with me; I long to be better acquainted with thee.
He had an odd momentary appearance upon him of having forgotten his hat, when Mr.
Evidence of odd pricing can be traced back more than 100 years (Schindler, Wiman 1989).
Keywords Sets of n-odd prime numbers, Pairs of consecutive odd prime numbers, Mathematical induction, Odd points, Positive directional half line of the number axis, [RLSS.
Ron Gordon, a retired California science teacher behind Odd Day wants everyone to "be awed by the odd" and the date chosen is either 9/7/2011 or 7/9/2011, with 5/7/9 being the previous odd day, and 9/11/13 being the fifth and last of the century.
Acquisition, comprehensive refurbishment and re-sale: Garnet Street (11 -37 odd numbers), Pelham Street (11 -33 odd and 4 -38 even numbers), Percy Street (4 -42 even numbers) and Portman Street (3 -41 odd and 4 -42 even numbers).
Callis and Natarajan propose that during the polar winter, odd nitrogen molecules are caught in a vortex of winds at the poles and sink down into the stratosphere, where they attack ozone once the sunshine returns in the spring.
This research service covers the world SMT odd form placement equipment markets.
In the win/draw/loss market, fair odds would be 6-5 for a home win, 5-2 for a draw and 14-5 for an away win.