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The Mi VR Standalone shares the same hardware as Oculus Go, and both
The Oculus Go is a standalone headset that works without a PC or a smartphone.
The app will allow Vive owners to use all of the same Spaces VR features that are available on the Oculus Rift.
Oculus said bringing together its architectural expertise and hospitality business program with the Staicoff team would create a new force in hospitality design.
At a special conference devoted to Oculus, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new version of the Oculus with the focus on comfort.
The Oculus Rift + Touch and ASUS VivoPC X Bundle will be available April 25 to June 13 for $1299 at Amazon and Newegg.
Concurrently, the company has received two new patents in Mexico and Canada for Oculus relating to other hydrogel formulations and antimicrobial solutions.
NVIDIA has provided demo units of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for the media and power users to experience the latest VR.
The opportunity for us to bring our wireless controller to every Oculus user at launch is incredibly exciting for us," Xbox division leader Phil Spencer said at the event.
2-5 in Sydney, was the showcasing of the long-awaited, soon-to-be commercially available virtual reality headset called Oculus Rift.
Summary: Claims last week from ZeniMax, a video game company, that Oculus VR stole its technology sent a ripple of worry through those who had been .
Washington, March 31 ( ANI ): Oculus CTO John Carmack has reportedly broken his silence over social network site Facebook's planned acquisition of Oculus.
India, March 26 -- Just a month after Facebook acquired cross-messaging platform WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion, the social media giant has now announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire immersive virtual reality firm Oculus VR for a total of approximately $2 billion.
Facebook is buying virtual reality company Oculus, betting $2 billion that its technology will become a new way for people to communicate, learn or be entertained, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.
And this is the case with the new Oculus All-Sky Camera from the venerable CCD-camera maker Starlight Xpress in the U.