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a person skilled in testing for defects of vision in order to prescribe corrective glasses

a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye

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Marion Sims successfully excised what proved to he a benign tumor from her womb, in Paris in 1866; CCM regained her vision after thirty years thanks to an oculist in Coblenz in 187 3, and promptly reread what she had last been able to read in 1843, the first Ode of Horace.
Conan Doyle, who trained as a doctor and specialized as an oculist, was a professional himself who confronted these very issues.
Dunster at the oculist shop and describes, in her homespun way, Peggy Bond's vision problem--what Betsey, like all the poor house folks, calls "upsightedness," but what the doctor quickly diagnoses as cataracts--the doctor listens with "twinkling .
In a report by the Associated Press (April 10, 1923), an oculist treating Sisler was quoted as saying that "the star's vision was normal in each eye.
Nearly 3 years old and growing fast, Trinity's eye socket will soon outgrow her first prosthetic eye, so her oculist, Stephen Haddad, recently fit her for a new one.
Inoculation, the later term for the process, is derived from the Latin oculus which meant both an eye (as in oculist or binoculars) and a bud on a tree.
Significantly, and just prior to Razumov's trip to the oculist, he wanders about in the streets, so bereft of life-purpose that "the idea of going back and, as he termed it to himself, confessing to Councillor Mikulin flashed through his mind" (284, emphasis added).
Laurie Lamon depicts "Poetry" that brings the objects of familial memory into articulation, while her poem "A Wonder" gives a poignant twist to a mother-daughter encounter at the oculist.
Payne visited the office where Moreno-Hagerty was working, apparently as an oculist, but he refused to talk to him.
Had this stamp been found in some other part of Europe--in Milan instead of the Irish midlands, for instance--we would conclude, simply, that an oculist had at some point occupied the site.
Richard Hamilton's reconstruction of Duchamp's Oculist Witnesses, 1968, its four enigmatic ellipses reproduced in mirror silver on glass, stands in front of a gigantic classical tragic mask.
Pulcinella grips an aristocrat in a stranglehold as a doctor removes a cataract from the man's eye with a fork in Thomas Patch's caricature of a Florentine oculist.
The school doctor can be a physician, dentist, or pharmacist and must perform the functions of the otorhinolaryngologist, oculist, and pediatrician.
You'll mind the time that Geordie went to the oculist to have his eyes tested.
The teenager sees an oculist once a year to be assessed.