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a verse line having eight syllables or a poem of octosyllabic lines

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In the Middle Ages, octosyllables were the standard form for didactic, narrative, and epistolary verse in Occitan, as in French.
The most notable characteristic of this version is the tendency of the seven-syllable lines of the original to be extended into the octosyllables, generally with a strong trochaic rhythm, familiar from the penillion telyn and certainly already popular no later than the first half of the seventeenth century, as shown by Rhys Prichard's choice of them for the quatrains of Cannwyll y Gimpy.
Having already won her spurs for her elegant translation of four Anglo-Norman romances (The Birth of Romance, 1992), Judith Weiss now enters the lists against the truly formidable opposition of Wace and the 15,000 or so octosyllables of his monumental Roman de Brut (1155).
On the question of syllable count I have proceeded from the conviction that the author intended to write octosyllables throughout, despite the evidence that many Anglo-Norman poets were happy to mix octosyllables and heptasyllables.
But Lecoy has prudently chosen not to indulge in wholesale introduction of regular octosyllables, for this would have meant in many instances the insertion of an arbitrarily chosen correction.