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having or characterized by or consisting of eight syllables

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16) Surprisingly, the layout of this milonga text in the recent edition of Borges's conferences on the tango does not reflect the octosyllabic structure that characterizes the genre.
It is composed in octosyllabic couplets that rarely break into longer or shorter verse.
This probably reflects the fact that English poets did not seek to generate a distinctly iambic verse, the iamb developed seemingly by chance on the basis of French octosyllabic verse.
Written in octosyllabic blank verse, the poem plays on the whiteness of the swan and the "whiteness" of this verso bianco, suggesting Agustini's continuing interest in the theme of perfection and absolutes.
A popular Spanish form, the decima consists of one or more octosyllabic ten-line stanzas.
Although the poet is obviously not a master of style, he seems to be aiming for octosyllabic couplets in most lines.
Tejeda's poem, a narrative romance (ballad), consists of 1332 octosyllabic verses in which the even-numbered verses rhyme with assonance (a-a).
Moreover, in this work, Mallarme breaks the monotony of his rather cloying prose by placing a floral poem, composed of six octosyllabic sestets, at the heart of this text, making it the central focus of the entire work.
Putter starts his metrical overview with couplets, a form popularized in post-Conquest England in imitation of the French octosyllabic rhyming couplet.
The octosyllabic verse is respectably regular, and could be by Voltaire.
A Small Ode on Mixed Flatting' is written in octosyllabic couplets, a form Baxter had deployed to notable effect in his 1963 'Letter to Robert Burns'.
THE 30 ORIGINAL POEMS of Le Bestiaire, to which four others (excised from the original edition or published elsewhere) are added here, are all short (four lines, five--a stanza form Apollinaire favored--or six), rhymed, in octosyllabic lines or alexandrines, and punctuated.
The English poem features ninety-six lines in octosyllabic quatrains, while Valera's version presents eight lines more than the original.
The lyrics are set to a traditional decima verse--the decima is a ten-line, octosyllabic verse originated by the Spanish court poet Vicente Espinel in 1591 and prevalent throughout Latin America--and like other lyrics on the CD, bear allusions to the biblical, historical, and mythical Mary Magdalene.
Such hovering, seismic clauses will eventually reappear, slightly altered, in the grand design of Melville's 500-page, octosyllabic, 18,000-line philosophical novel-in-verse, "a metrical affair, a pilgrimage or what not .