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an offspring of a quadroon and a white parent

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Grace's motivation to 'adopt Mary' is inspired by a photograph in a newspaper of two fair-skinned Aboriginal girls dressed in white lace-collared dresses and a caption that read, 'These octoroons and quadroons have been rescued from shameful circumstances and generously taken into the homes of Christian families' (p.
An octoroon, Mother's race becomes a key factor in her performance of identity.
The case of Charles Bon's octoroon mistress is set in counterpoint to Miss Rosa's predicament, framed as it is by notions of decadence and voluptuosity.
prostitute, with echoes of the dubious history of placage and the quadroon and octoroon balls: "She reclines gracefully upon a dull brocaded chaise-lounge, there is the scent of incense about her, and her draperies are arranged in formal folds.
That same year, popular culture got into the act with The Octoroon, a play at New York City's Winter Garden Theater.
A century ago, the nation saw itself in a range of hues: The 1890 Census included categories for racial mixtures such as quadroon (one-fourth black) and octoroon (one-eighth black).
By definition, this category included free persons of any degree of African ancestry and of mixed African and European ancestry and was classified as mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, sambo, and so on.
My mother, whose maiden name was Ogden, told us she was German Dutch but occasionally she would claim that she was an octoroon.
The latter part of the autumn was largely taken up with plays by Dion Boucicault, The Colleen Bawn and The Octoroon being the mainstay of the month.
For example, he addresses the complex racial makeup of various Creoles and their astonishingly precise social labels: "mulatto (black and white), griffe (black and mulatto), sacrato (black and griffe), marabon (mulatto and griffe), os rouge (black and Indian), quadroom (white and mulatto), tierceron (mulatto and quadroon), and octoroon (white and quadroon)" (p.
One such review was of actress Nellie Maher's performance of Dora in the Boucicault melodrama, The Octoroon, at the Academy of Music in 1878.
In this coming of age story, Abigail witnesses the formation of the first all-black regiment for the Union Army as civil war forms on the horizon, and has to deal with the racial conflicts with her octoroon lover and more.
The mixed-blood questions facing modem-day Aotearoa can therefore be seen in the novel as a comparative framework for re-examining the race-relations issues facing mulatta, quadroon and octoroon women in historic New Orleans, and vice-versa.
Black literature and song lyrics have a long tradition of referring to different shades of color, and most blacks are familiar with various terms used to identify these shades (quadroon, red-boned, high yellow, octoroon, etc.