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She named the company Octopod after the the octopus and its ability to change its physical form.
They said it was a depth record for an octopod without fins.
The octopod "almost certainly" was one of a species never previously described by scientists, and it may well belong to a genus that has yet to be identified, Vecchione wrote on the NOAA's website.
From the colourful characters and fantastic underwater setting to the amazing octopod where the Octonauts live, there's great scope for a unique, interactive theatre experience.
Washington, July 5 ( ANI ): Octopods can survive temperature habitats ranging from as low as -1.
This 3rd Generation Circular External Fixator thus contains 8 combined mobile struts from which it derives its octopod name.
Stationed in the Octopod, the Octonauts are ready to dive into action whenever there is trouble at sea.
This deep-sea cirrate octopod glows in the darkness of the Atlantic Ocean.
Census-takers have also discovered that the seas are teeming with strange, unknown marine animals--like a hairy-legged yeti crab, an eight-limbed octopod with ear-like appendages, and a transparent sea cucumber.
Among the bizarre creatures encountered by the researchers were a six foot long cirrate octopod - nicknamed "Dumbo" because of the large earlike fins it uses to swim - discovered more than a mile deep on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
As part of the census project, scientists from the Smithsonian Institution have collected a very large specimen of a rare, primitive animal known as cirrate or finned octopod, commonly called " Dumbos" because they flap a pair of large ear- like fins to swim, akin to the cartoon flying elephant.
Octopus fishing in the Yucatan Peninsula represents the most important octopod fishery of the American continent, generating a total of 15,000 direct jobs (Perez-Perez et al.
The audience starts out as cadets and end up fully-fledged Octonauts, having 'steered' the Octopod, helped the crew track down animals in danger and saluted Captain Barnacles throughout the show.