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Synonyms for octet

the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one

eight performers or singers who perform together

a set of eight similar things considered as a unit


Related Words

eight people considered as a unit

a musical composition written for eight performers

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Verari Systems will display the Octet 8-Way server at Supercomputing 2004 booth #1231 at the David L.
With the Octet System, fast and accurate results for 96 samples can be achieved in 30 minutes.
The ForteBio Octet System is currently used by both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in applications ranging from target validation to process monitoring.
The Arguelles Octet were also premiering a whole wealth of new material, virtually the whole set devoted to a sequence inspired by "the musicians' life".
Julian's Octet will also be performing what will virtually be a whole set of new tunes, five numbers in all.
OctetString and VDE are trademarks of Octet String Inc.
The next generation of analytical tools for life science research, Octet accelerates antibody development by generating real-time quantitative and kinetics results quickly and easily.
Also on the bill is the Lennie Niehaus Octet, featuring the award-winning jazz saxophonist, arranger and film composer.
Still, the Horn Octet, which as far as he knows is unique in the repertoire, has proved something of a hit with players.
An integrated system for the quantitation and kinetic analysis of biomolecules, Octet will be initially positioned to accelerate the selection and characterization of therapeutic antibodies and proteins.
rooftop before police shut it down, will continue to act on its members' political beliefs no matter how popular the octet becomes.
Prior to joining COMSAT Brasil, he served as president and chief executive officer of Intercom, a unit of Octet, a nationwide IP networking and managed services company.
Octet(TM): Designed to deliver affordable performance, Octet is the industry's most cost-effective SoC test system for high-volume production of consumer, communications and computer devices.
And by blending her own art-song sensibilities with an internationalist mix that brings the Icelandic String Octet together with a battery of electronic textures, Bjork makes that stilted English promise stick.