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a measure of the antiknock properties of gasoline

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Until now, India has hadan octane rate of 97, offered by BPCL, and Shell's octane rating is a tad less.
Gasoline blends must meet standards for octane rating, volatility, sulphur, aromatics content and viscosity.
In the Second World War branded fuel disappeared and the nationally available standard fuel at the beginning of 1952 had an octane rating of just 70, which meant relatively low compression ratios.
PSOs e-10 gasoline, a blend of ethanol and gasoline results in less carbon-mono-oxide emissions from the vehicle and with its high octane rating helps vehicles engine to perform better.
Racing people have been using ethanol for years because of its high performance as a result of its high octane rating and we want to leverage that for everyday applications," says Rod Beazley, director of Ricardo's gasoline products group.
So when the ethanol drops out, it takes its octane boost with it, leaving behind "off-spec" fuel that's got an octane rating of somewhere between 75 and 80.
It has a high octane rating, butworse mpg figures than normal petrol
MTBE - methyl tert-butyl ether - is a gasoline additive that oxygenates gasoline, increasing its octane rating, preventing engine knocking and reducing tailpipe emissions.
The mixture burns cleaner, cheaper and has a higher octane rating than midgrade gasoline.
Larry Goldstein, president of the Petroleum Industry Research Foundation, told the Journal that MTBE has been the cheapest and most popular additive in part, "because it has a high octane rating and allows refiners to use lower-octane gasoline components for blending.
Although the numbers are slightly different in some states, premium fuel typically has an octane rating of 91 while regular fuel's rating is 87.
However it was the lead content that provided the required protection to the valve seats and maintained an octane rating.
Normal unleaded petrol has 95 octane rating and premium petrols such as Shell Optimax and BP Ultimate have ratings of 98 and 97.
Pyrolysis oil can also be added to gasoline to increase its octane rating.
The study focused on revamping the naphtha reforming unit to raise the octane rating of gasoline and reduce its benzene and aromatic content.