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a measure of the antiknock properties of gasoline

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In the light of the stringent environmental laws, isomerization is a good process as it enhances the octane number of hydrocarbons especially lighter hydrocarbon in the range of C5-C6 by converting their straight-chain structure into branched chain structure without producing aromatics in the products [3].
The fuel matrix was designed to hold the research octane number (RON) constant at 98 while investigating two different levels of heat of vaporization (HoV) and two different levels of octane sensitivity (S), where S is the difference between RON and the Motor Octane Number (MON) as shown in Equation 1.
Octane number is a measure of how well a fuel resists knock - an abnormal combustion process where the combustion of fuel/air mixture occurs spontaneously in the end gas rather than within a flame front initiated by spark ignition.
The diesel obtained from this type of technique has low octane number and energy.
The decision has been taken to mix the imported gasoline with domestically produced gasoline in order to increase its octane number.
Among other projects that are being carried out by the RIPI, mention can be made of the development in the use of light nano-cement, recovery of dead oil wells, carrying out field studies on corrosion and de-sedimentation of pipelines, gas sweetening, production of petrol with high octane number, production of carbon nanotubes, and methods to control and solve the air, soil, and water pollution.
In the United States, a value known as the Anti-Knock Index (or "octane," colloquially)--an average of the Research Octane Number and the Motor Octane Number--is used to describe highway vehicle fuel.
2 million liters of gasoline have been added to the country's production capacity, adding that once the new unit comes on stream in earnest, the octane number of the produced gasoline will increase to 92.
It also enables them to know if the correct fuel type, Jayyid or Mumtaz, is used in relation to the octane number and the difference between premium and regular petrol sold at stations.
However, due to solubility, latent evaporation temperature and octane number as well as the amount of butanol in the mixtures with petrol may reach 25%.
Trade sources said the gasoline exported from Iran was 75 research octane number (RON), dubbed "Iraq grade" by oil traders, which is much lower in octane than the 95 RON used in many European countries.
The main difference in ethanol compared to diesel is the oxygen content and octane number.
Nevertheless, those variations in octane number and sulfur content were small if compared to the standard.
For petrol, overruns concerned research octane number (RON), summer vapour pressure and distillation-evaporation at 100-150[degrees]C.