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a political system in which a mob is the source of control

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She said that local media should avoid the ochlocracy.
Your editorial "There must be justice for Christofias' political crimes" (August 18, 2013) is demonstrating a lack of understanding of the role of the law in a constitutional democracy in relation to a system of ochlocracy.
From ochlocracy in ancient Greece to the witch-burners and the lynchers, the mob has survived everything from war to plague to evolution.
Waugh agrees, then, with fellow Catholic convert, Ronald Knox, in seeing post-war Britain as typified by an ever-contracting ambit for personal liberty in the face of an expanding state: "Even where we still hold out against ochlocracy, and enjoy democratic institutions, the shackles of State control tighten round us daily; inspected here, directed there, we find the area of individual choice continually shrinking" (Knox 127).
Hegel's usage reflects rather the Greek equivalent of an ochlocracy.