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Synonyms for ocher

a moderate yellow-orange to orange color


any of various earths containing silica and alumina and ferric oxide

of a moderate orange-yellow color


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The section on yellow ocher features a sidebar highlighted by a pale yellow background.
In 2001, Henshilwood found a 70,000-year-old polished red ocher mudstone with a geometric design (simple crosshatchings framed by two parallel lines with a third line down the middle) carved into the surface, the oldest known example of a complex design produced by a human.
Each toolkit consisted of several stone tools, some stained with red ocher, lying above and below an abalone shell partly coated with a red mixture.
The walls of the mud structure have been decorated with plaster dado rails, above which they have been painted with ocher paint, Mohsen Javeri said.
ENGRAVED OCHER CHIPS FOUND in South Africa's Blombos Cave in recent years feature what could be triangles, waves, fans, or maybe just fancy crosshatchings that are dated to between 77,000 and 100,000 years ago.
The stories Flip tells his wife every night become formalized when he entitles a representative one as the "Pakistani-baby story": "a Pakistani woman came out into the parking lot in her flowing ocher robes, weeping and screaming" (190).
the decor is casually hip to the point of being drab - olive green, ocher, cream and the ubiquitous black.
Aerostats and ocher lighter-than-air systems are considered low-cost, long-endurance systems compared to conventional aircraft.
persiste the bolivian poet reads the fall of the evening persists an ocher and lavender language distilled from desert evenings crepusculo echoes a sensuous bird in the smoky wood rafters confundio I have confused you with the twilight the translator says outside a stubborn glow slowly hauled out of the sky leaving the cool air a sheen like the skin of grape crepusculo acoustic guitar on the radio the road a seam a whisper over curving thighs a sudden veer escape of a fortunate doe persiste the drowsy town its dreaming tourists this cheap hotel its worn promises confundio blue light in the windows abandoned moon calling across an empty field crepusculo sky of things and shadows stars on your tongue cielo de duendes swallow me
Zips, abbreviations, addresses and all ocher numbers count as words.
Orange hues will lean toward the yellow side, such as amber and ocher, and are warm enough to feel rich and natural without being murky.
It even offers the occasional account of illness as experienced by ocher writer-travellers.
We're putting ice-cold Coca-Cola classic and our ocher brands within reach, wherever you look: at the supermarket, the video store, the soccer field, the gas station--everywhere," says Coca-Cola's 1997 annual report.
There are ocher costs, too, says Rob Rosenberger, Web master of the Computer Virus Myths Home Page (http://kumite.