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Synonyms for ocellus

an eye having a single lens

an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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Its new Ocellus S100 tracking device is 1,000 times more sensitive than existing trackers, meaning it can trace goods or vehicles within urban areas and underground.
Head with large compound eyes, median ocellus distinct and well developed (but covered by long light brownish hairs).
Head: Scape bare except for marginal ring of short setae; pedicel short and setose, with some longer ventral apical setae; frontal vitta with strongly convex elongate oval area surrounding ocelli and extending half the distance from anterior ocellus to anterior margin of frons; 2 pairs of fronto-orbital setae, 1 large and above level of ocelli, 1 smaller below; postocellar, outer and inner vertical setae well-developed.
with the lateral scales obliquely intricated and lacking a median series; trunk scales 6/35-37/4 (to pelvic fins as well as to anal fin), the two smallest with an incomplete lateral line; anal fin iv, 30; premaxilla 2+3, with a gap between/9 tricuspid; maxilla about 24; mandible more than 15; a large, conspicuous, caudal spot, preceeded by a light zone and a rather inconspicuous longitudinal line; a prominent humeral ocellus, the black part almost as large as pupil, the light zone all around it except above, tather narrow; after photographs in vivo, from Station 20; in aquarium and in situ, the light zones white, the unpaired fins pale maroon (?
Measurements and abbreviations used include the following: the post-ocellar distance (POL) is the distance between the inner margins of the posterior ocelli; the ocellar-ocular distance (OOL) is the distance from the outer edge of a posterior ocellus to the inner margin of the compound eye.
Head more or less micropunctate, shiny; pubescence on head pale, somewhat shorter than the diameter of lateral ocellus.
The Meridian Marine Lab division provides underwater systems design and ocean project research services, the Ships Point division offers waterfront test and evaluation facilities, and the Ocellus Productions division provides media development and co-production resources.
The results (both equal and successive weighting analyses) support the monophyly of Heterostylum based on 4 unambiguous synapomorphies: row of setae on the ocellar tubercle separating the anterior ocellus from the others (character 1); row of setae on the anterodorsal surface of femur III (character 10, state 1); veins M1 and R5 merging near or at the point where R4 arises (character 13, state 1); and sperm pump longer than spermathecae (character 25, state 1); and one ambiguous synapomorphy: head as wide as or wider than thorax (character 7, state 1).
In the descriptions, POL is the distance between the inner edges of the two lateral ocelli; OL - between the inner edges of a lateral ocellus and the median ocellus; OOL is the distance from the outer edge of a lateral ocellus to the compound eye; OPL - from the posterior edge of a lateral ocellus to the occipital carina; and TL - from the posterior edge of the eye to the occipital carina.
2 in SL; colour in life generally light grey to dark greyish brown, including median fins, with dark-edged greenish spot just below lateral-line origin; small juveniles bright yellow with diagonal blue bands on upper head and anterodorsal portion of body, and prominent ocellus on middle of dorsal fin.
Ocellar triangle about two ocellus diameters from boundary between occiput and frons.