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  • verb

Synonyms for occupy



take up



Synonyms for occupy

to live in (a place), as does a people

to seize and move into by force


to cause to be busy or in use

to make busy

to get and hold the attention of

Synonyms for occupy

keep busy with

live (in a certain place)

occupy the whole of


Related Words

be on the mind of

march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation


consume all of one's attention or time

assume, as of positions or roles

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Storrs Liquor, a liquor store, will also occupy a 1,445 s/f space in the center.
Malcolm Blackman, 45, was accused of raping a woman twice at the Occupy campsite outside St Paul's cathedral in January 2012.
LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary and emerging artists inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement have come together to lend their voices on Occupy This Album: a compilation of music by, for and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% (CD/Digital).
Occupy Eugene - an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement that continues to protest on and raise awareness about economic inequality and corporate greed - ran a similar medical operation in Washington-Jefferson Park when the group camped there for seven weeks last fall.
A November 25, 2011 Washington Post article, 'Why African Americans aren't Embracing Occupy Wall Street," raises serious concerns not only about a palpable lack of representation from black people in what is presently known as the "Occupy Movement," but also how inclusive this movement has been since its start on September 17, 2011.
Earlier in the day, about a dozen Occupy Clark students pitched four tents, under the watchful eye of Steve Goulet, chief of campus police.
The political system is broken, because Wall Street has bought [politicians]," David Graeber, one of the original organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protest who also helped organize the Austin protest, said in a phone interview.
The Communications Workers of America stands in support and solidarity with the demonstrators at Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy movement across the country.
Violent crackdowns on the Occupy movement last year were a product of not only the FBI and local police but also private security firms hired by the very banks the demonstrators were protesting, according to (http://www.
New website targets millions of users looking to engage with the Occupy movement
Riot police then cleared the streets and the crowd began to dissipate, leading to skirmishes with some members in the Occupy group.
A campaign is under way to end the Occupy Eugene campsite.
Floors on the building run 20,000 s/f and the building's commercial clients generally occupy two or more floors.
Brandywine Asset Management, a financial asset management firm, has signed a long-term lease agreement to occupy 54,755 square feet.
A year ago this week, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters were reluctantly decamping from New York's Zucotti Park, having become a daily fixture to droves of inconvenienced financial district commuters since mid-September when the movement was born.