occupational disease

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disease or disability resulting from conditions of employment (usually from long exposure to a noxious substance or from continuous repetition of certain acts)

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The effects of the distribution of workers across industries on occupational disease incidence is ambiguous a priori because many different factors in an industry can affect occupational disease risk.
The majority of states require that occupational disease claims be reported within one or two years after the employee's knowledge of the relationship to the employment.
In a recent issue of this journal, Danzon (1987) compares alternative occupational disease compensation systems and argues for reliance on a modified form of workers' compensation as the sole remedy.
Because the definition of occupational disease fails to draw a distinction between infectious diseases incurred by a single exposure as opposed to infectious diseases incurred by numerous exposures, the court concluded that the circumstances alleged by the claimant described an "occupational disease" and not an "injury.
A basic problem is the inability to distinguish the occupational disease from an ordinary disease of life.
They therefore recommended the development and support of ongoing health surveillance activities as early warning systems for occupational disease.
Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, a 128-attorney full-service law firm, has a department of 16 attorneys who specialize in representing occupational disease victims.
PELs are based on the feasibility of controlling the exposure in question within the workplace, while RELs are based on requirements for preventing occupational disease.
I'm confident we'll continue to grow as we address what OSHA has dubbed 'the occupational disease of the 90s' -- cumulative trauma disorders.
Ledlie began work with Motley Rice attorneys in 1998 and currently focuses his efforts within the firm's Occupational Disease and Toxic Tort, Securities and Consumer Fraud and Environmental Practice Groups.
Baker's asthma, a common occupational disease that is also one of the oldest, is also known to be brought on by exposure to flour beetle allergens.
Milliman & Robertson offers expert commentary on issues relating to this increase such as medical price inflation; the growth in permanent disability benefits claims and vocational rehabilitation programs; expansion of the workers' compensation system to include occupational disease, cumulative trauma and mental stress claims; increase in litigation regarding claims; growth in loss adjustment expenses; and the increase in medical-legal evaluation costs on litigated claims.
Jekel is a member of the Motley Rice transportation, occupational disease and environmental practice groups.
Motley Rice attorneys continue to seek justice in the areas of: catastrophic injury; complex case resolution; securities and commercial fraud; environmental hazards and contamination; medical negligence and device and drug defects; occupational disease and toxic torts; and transportation defects and mass disasters.
Training occupational health and occupational disease diagnosis.
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