occupation licence

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a license to pursue a particular occupation

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Register a house in multiple occupation (Northern Ireland) Register or renew as a waste carrier, broker or dealer (England) Road occupation licence (Scotland) Road occupation licence for building work (England and Wales) Scrap metal dealer licence (England and Wales) Skip licence (England and Wales) Skip licence (Scotland) Slaughterman licence (Northern Ireland) (See above poisons licence.
Owners of properties of three or more storeys which contain five or more people who are not all related to each other must apply for a multiple occupation licence.
Councillors ruled he was unfit to hold a house in multiple occupation licence.
He was prosecuted by the city council because he did not have a House in Multiple Occupation Licence for the property in College Road, Moseley.
South Tyneside Council says landlords and property-managing agents who have not applied for a Household of Multiple Occupation licence are running out of time.
Members refused to give Crown Street Hostel a house in multiple occupation licence after more than 50 complaints from neighbours.
There is another small batch of 99-year leases issues by the colonial government in the 1950s called Temporary Occupation Licences (TOLS), a government system that applied in remote parts of Kenya.
David Delaney Hall, who owns more than 20 properties in Selly Oak, was prosecuted by Birmingham City Council after he failed to obtain Multiple Occupation Licences from the local authority.