occupancy rate

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the percentage of all rental units (as in hotels) are occupied or rented at a given time

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Several major hotels had an occupancy rate of 100pc.
Shoukry said that the reason behind the improved occupancy rates is the relative proximity to Cairo, and the low accommodation prices in Alexandria.
But Sakr said Printania Palace Hotel saw an occupancy rate of just 20 percent during Ramadan, as fewer people were taking vacations in Broummana this year.
Alder Hey Children's Hospital had an occupancy rate of 91% (18 spare beds) in the second half of January.
In particular, the occupancy rates of the Joy City projects, the acquisition of which were completed by the end of last year, were almost over 90%.
The pick-up in hotel occupancy rates stimulated new activity in South Africa's hospitality industry, with a number of major hotel chains, renovating their properties or making plans to open new hotels.
In terms of monthly performance, Cairo's occupancy rate improved 11 per cent compared to November 2011, with Sharm El Shaikh increasing 6.
Crowne Plaza Hotel deputy general manager Ibrahim Al Kooheji said the hotel registered an occupancy rate of about 45 per cent compared to 55 per cent in K Hotel in Juffair.
In comparison, Sunday was the weaker performing day of the week with an occupancy rate of just 56%.
According to the Statistical Office of the EU, even well-developed tourist destinations like France and Spain registered occupancy rates of 69% and 60.
Eight major markets-New York; Minneapolis; Austin; San Jose, California; Cleveland; Orange County, California; Chicago; and Denver-increased occupancy by more than 100 basis points since May 2010, all with occupancy rates above 95 percent.
He put the national occupancy rate as of June 2009 at 92.
He attributed the higher hotel occupancy rate in Jeddah to several factors,including the spring holidays coinciding with the first quarter of the current year.
Since the completion of a major renovation in September, the occupancy rate at the hotel fell to 55 percent at the 770-room hotel located at 1605 Broadway at 48th Street, according to Thomas Lydon, president of the City Investment Fund, which owns the hotel.
WORCESTER - The city's central business district has an occupancy rate of 87.