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There are records of occultation of Aldebaran by the Moon which go back several centuries, as it occurs fairly frequently.
Pyxis-RO quadruples the data collection capability of radio occultation sensors on orbit today by tracking signals from all four major satellite navigation systems-GPS, Galileo, Beidou and GLONASS.
In 1993 and 1994, James Elliot, then a professor of planetary astronomy and physics at MIT, observed a stellar occultation of Chiron and made the first estimates of its size.
Another achievement was that of being the first person to visually observe the occultation of a moon of an asteroid, long before asteroids were known to have companions.
Pis, cette occultation au niveau de l'enseignement a desincarne des faits, des hommes.
When seen from multiple vantage points, an occultation can tell researchers about the size and shape of the intervening body.
In fact, this is the first time in history that an occultation of such a bright star by an asteroid has been predicted to cross such a heavily populated area.
Observers in the UK and Europe should see an occultation or a very close appulse depending on their location.
Executives at PlanetIQ, a joint venture by several space companies, say they can solve the problem by launching a constellation of 12 low-Earth orbit satellites that use a method called GPS radio occultation (GPS-RO) to determine temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.
The council notes that the investigation on the assassination of martyr Chokri Belaid does not progress, voicing "serious anxiety as regards a possible occultation of the traces of the crime," the statement reads.
The discoveries were made as Makemake, which has an orbit lying in the outer Solar System, drifted in front of a distant star - a rare event known as a stellar occultation - and blocked its light.
Rather, in Shiism, the salvation of man and the Muslim ummah (global community of Muslims) is reliant upon the advent of the imam in occultation, al-Mahdi.
The event included an occultation (eclipse) of planet Jupiter with the moon which most recently happened in 1998.
The photographer has also captured just the right moment, with a bright but tiny star close to occultation.
There is debate about the validity in Iraq of Iran's WuF concept, whereby a chosen Ja'fari jurisprudent can rule while al-Mahdi is in a state of occultation.