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The tenth and last occultation of the series will take place on 2013 February 18 and be visible in southern Australia.
The Moon travels through an angle roughly equal to its own diameter in an hour, so the longest duration of an occultation (the time between the disappearance of a star at one lunar limb and reappearance at the opposite limb) is also about an hour.
At the symposium a total of 23 presentations was given on wide-ranging subjects including the history of occultation phenomena as seen from northern England, early observations of Baily's beads seen during solar eclipses, accounts of successful grazing lunar occultations and asteroidal occultations, observations of mutual eclipses and occultations of the galilean moons of Jupiter, seasonal variation in the atmosphere of Pluto as probed by occultation and photometric studies, use of high-speed photometry to detect occultations involving Edgeworth-Kuiper belt objects, and accounts of various observing methods, accurate timing and software developments facilitating analysis.
Furthermore, the lunar occultation technique isn't sensitive enough to pick up binary systems in which one star is significantly dimmer than the other.
30) EVENING: Look toward the east shortly after sunset to witness a waxing gibbous Moon whispering a mere 1/2[degrees] away from Aldebaran; the Moon's occultation of the star will be visible from most of North America and Europe (except the south).
Andrew's astronomical interests involved computing (used for lunar and asteroidal occultation predictions and determining lunar limb profiles); low-light imaging using several generations of image intensifier; video recording (both vidicon and CCD); precision timing of astronomical phenomena (GPS and time insertion from standard radio-time signals); meteors and fireballs; occultations involving a range of small solar system bodies; and solar eclipses.
The occasion was Pluto's passing between the earth and a star, an event called an occultation, in which astronomers can learn a great deal from the way the star's light is shut off by the object getting in the way.
The Moon-Aldebaran occultation series is winding down, but we have a few more to go before we see the last of them.
During the early evening hours of 2008 December 1, an occultation of Venus by the Moon was visible across much of western and central Europe, as well as a part of northern Algeria and Tunisia.
But the quest for the grail has involvedtrying to be as sure as possible that it will not risk Voyager's life by sending the probe through material from the planet's rings, which have been detected only as incomplete "ring arcs' in earth-based occultation studies.
Paul Maley, a retired NASA staffer and a key member of the International Occultation Timing Association, enlisted amateur observers in Texas to observe the March 14th occultation of a lOth-magnitude star by the 13th-magnitude asteroid.
Standard photometric reduction can then be used on lightcurves of extended events, such as mutual events between planetary satellites, or to determine occultation times.
Once every 18 years, lunar occultation gives observers an opportunity to sharpen the resolution.
The occultation campaign's first two events, on June 3rd and July 10th, didn't see any blink-outs (S&T: Oct.
Unfortunately, those stars are themselves faint, and traveling to the predicted occultation tracks presented plenty of challenges.