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Synonyms for occlusion

closure or blockage (as of a blood vessel)

(meteorology) a composite front when colder air surrounds a mass of warm air and forces it aloft

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(dentistry) the normal spatial relation of the teeth when the jaws are closed

the act of blocking

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Food and Drug Administration has approved the Amblyz occlusion glasses as a medical device.
The radiological features attributed to the occlusion of this artery should be differentiated from the radiological features of occlusion of multiple other vascular branches due to several diverse pathological conditions such as vasculitis or infectious diseases.
Among those who required hysterectomy, the estimated blood loss, need for packed red blood cells, need for other blood products, operating room time, and length of stay did not differ significantly between those who did and those who did not have arterial occlusion, although an insignificant trend for lower estimated blood loss and need for packed red blood cells was seen in the group who had balloon occlusion, Dr.
When compared to the preocclusion measurements, this represented a 116% increase in the amount of QTdisp over the occlusion period for the Dpigs as compared to only a 22% increase for Cpigs.
Pulsing contractions (where the muscle is repeatedly contracted while not allowing it to fully relax) or holding muscle contractions (where the muscle is squeezed hard and not released for a period of time) can act as the poor man's version of vascular occlusion.
Yong Yang and colleagues retrospectively reviewed data from a total of 10 patients that underwent temporary balloon occlusion of the IVC during resection of thrombus.
Given the potential for artifactual signal loss with TOF MRA in cases of altered flow, it is not surprising that MRA has a high false-positive rate for detection of intracranial stenosis and occlusion.
Balance of arches can be troubled in the case there is a premature contact, where there is a pressure on the occlusion side of a tooth by the slope of an incorrectly remade cusps.
Based on the results, the authors concluded: "Intravitreal triamcinolone in a 1-milligram dose and following the retreatment criteria used in this study should be considered for up to one year, and possibly two years, in patients with vision loss associated with macular edema secondary to central retinal vein occlusion who have characteristics similar to the participants studied in this trial.
We have yet another tool in an area where I don't think we needed another tool; it's coil occlusion and sclerosis," Dr.
5mg/kg and lidocaine 40mg after venous occlusion for prevention of propofol induced pain.
The AMPLATZER Vascular Plug II expands the AGA family of occlusion devices designed to embolize, or close blood vessel and blood vessel malformations in the peripheral vasculature.
BACKGROUND Differentiating occlusion of the circumflex branch of the left coronary artery (also called the circumflex artery) from occlusion of the right coronary artery is often difficult because either may be associated with a pattern of acute inferior myocardial infarction on the electrocardiogram.
6) It is also widely accepted that otitis exterua can be caused by occlusion of the ear canal by, for example, a hearing aid or large osteoma.