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back part of the head or skull

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Occiput dull silver pruinose except for two large subtriangular apruinose areas between dorsal eye margin and cervical region (see Fig.
This bone along with occiput and temporal bones forms the cranial base, one of the most vulnerable areas during childbirth.
Much scratching of the occiput has yielded roughly as much light as a wartime blackout curtain.
Isometric cable hold--45 In standing, place the head degree neck flexion left and harness so it is located right (Figure 1d) between the occiput and the left/ right ear.
5-cm right posterolateral CIH near the occiput, but she was otherwise healthy.
Positive test is relief or reduction of ipsilateral cervical radicular symptoms Neck distraction Examiner grasps the Radiculopathy test patient's head under the occiput and chin, while applying axial traction force.
This angle is most easily attained with double-articulating headrests by angling the headrest upward into the patient's occiput.
They stand erect with occiput, scapula, buttock and heel touching the scale for height measurement and eyes looking straight.
In the post-anaesthesia care unit, one hour after the end of surgery, routine assessment revealed severe pain in the sacral area secondary to pressure sores and severe pain at the left occiput.
During admission for surgery, a large lesion was noticed on his occiput.
In the study of Antonelli-lncanzi, occiput wall distance was found to be associated with poor performence in test of balance (31).
At the age of six months, the patient was found to have a flattened occiput and an enforced body position caused by a limited range of movement of the upper and lower limb joints and the vertebral column without signs of inflammation or oedema.
Height was measured using a validated height metre with the pupil standing barefoot, with the heels, the back and occiput touching the height metre.
The alar ligament is a secondary stabilizer located between the odontoid process and the occiput.
Color pattern dominated by eight large dark brown saddle blotches, first on occiput, constricted medially, leading obliquely to blotch below eye; second above pectoral fins, followed anteroventrally by two dark blotches, lower over gill slits, followed by two blotches on dorsal surface connecting obliquely to two dark blotches on side, one below and extending into each dorsal fin and two across caudal fin; terminal lobe of caudal fin with irregular dark blotch; scattered small white spots present over body, most conspicuous within and at edges of large dark brown blotches.