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the property of being easy to see and understand

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Greenwood illustrated one of these concepts, establishing the obviousness standard of the patentability of new inventions.
During litigation, more time and resources can be spent on the obviousness assessment.
Teleflex - Responding to obviousness rejections in the USPTO - Common ownership, joint development and obviousness - Obviousness under the AIA - how changes in the definition of prior art affect obviousness determinations
That element of obviousness helped avert attention from the fact that this is actually nothing beyond a tale of lovers caught in a spot.
Patent and Trademark Office to challenge issued patents on grounds of anticipation and/or obviousness based on patents or printed publications.
In contrast, a claim can be rejected for obviousness if a person ordinarily skilled in the art could come up with it by combining the teachings of multiple prior art sources.
Determining legal obviousness requires considering whether two or more pieces of prior art could be combined, or a single piece of prior art could be modified, to produce the claimed invention.
The reason is that under all three standards of proof we test-tested, the patent should only be declared invalid if the percentage obviousness is greater than 50%.
23) However, if likelihood of success correlates with obviousness, the drug may not be patentable.
section] 103 obviousness to deal with overly simplistic software patents, we instead look to [section] 101 to attempt to define software--it is not a process, not a machine, not a manufacture, and not a composition of matter box.
Judges Alan Lourie and Kimberly Moore said, in In re Baxter International, that the prior court rulings did not bar the PTO from re-examining the patent for obviousness.
test to assess the question of obviousness for chemical compounds.
Then she discusses the cases generally in terms of anticipation, obviousness, the impact of lowering the bar for the patentability of selection inventions, and different views in other jurisdictions.
7 ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA (Nuri Bilge Ceylan) Ceylan's metaphysical mystery, staged as a road movie on a darkling plain, repeats the mistake of Cristi Puiu's Aurora: Its expertly custodial way with information succumbs, in the film's coda, to over-telling and obviousness.