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Clearly, as in the history of rehabilitation, provisions for people with mental disabilities lag behind, yet a review of the examples given above will reveal several approaches that can be extremely effective in company practice, obviating the need for making special provisions each time an atypical employee is hired.
The most advanced non-invasive cardiac imaging that detects cardiac disease much earlier than standard methods, obviating the need for catheterization.
Here their choice of low alloy high-tensile strength steel cladding creates a rain-screen that develops a self-protective oxide layer offering natural protection and obviating the need for painting.
Cashwize has developed an economical Internet-based marketing system that allows applications to be submitted via the Internet, providing low-cost marketing to potentially millions of customers while obviating the high cost of traditional "bricks and mortar" retail locations.
Once qualified, BA-5390 batteries will be ordered under the Next Gen contract, obviating the need for procurements under 'urgent buy' contracts.
The centrifugal nature of the platform solves difficult problems in sample and fluid handling by controlling the fluid flow, mixing, and valving with no moving parts, thereby obviating the need for complex and unreliable mechanical pumps and valves.
By obviating the need for a proprietary reader and providing compatibility with the installed base of mobile devices, Matrix overcomes a key shortcoming of previous write-once storage technologies.
All of this can be done from the same samples that TMD receives for immunohistochemistry tests, thus obviating the need to send samples to multiple laboratories for analysis.
Its new 64-bit architecture allows real-time applications to transactionally access and manage all data in shared memory, obviating inefficient process switches and disk I/O for data based operations.
On the other hand, with the CPC model, operators target price insensitive enterprise users, obviating the need for high device subsidies.
Further, by repositioning the NSS-8 delivery date and by obviating our need to procure a replacement for NSS-703 in the near term, this decision positions New Skies to achieve positive free cash flow in the current year and will result in approximately $250 million in additional free cash flow over the course of the next three years.