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Antonyms for obverse

the more conspicuous of two alternatives or cases or sides

the side of a coin or medal bearing the principal stamp or design

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Leitmotif of the obverse of the conceptual, and art and graphic design of the 2000 denar banknote is the presentation of Macedonian bridal costume from Prilep Field, as an impressive reflection of the richness of the folklore heritage of the Republic of Macedonia.
The obverse of the coins bears the new, fifth definitive portrait of the Queen, designed by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark.
Dubai: Fasting during Ramadan, while being a physical and spiritually cleansing process, also has an obverse side -- consuming high-fat and nutrient-deficit foods after ending the fast.
The obverse of the design depicts a buffalo with the words 'One Troy Ounce' and '.
In addition, the counterfeit banknote lacks relief in the printed images on the obverse.
The obverse of the medals feature the words "Liberation 1945" in a typeface which is designed to reflect that used at Belsen, breaking through barbed wire, while the reverse commemorates the 11th Armoured Division, the British forces who liberated the camp, and a stylised eternal flame which has come to memorialise the Holocaust victims.
The obverse side of the staff has the coarse hashmarks of a military sight.
On the background of the globe, the railway with the moving locomotive is portrayed on the obverse side of the coin.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Blossom 9 Heave 10 Ember 11 Larches 12 She 13 Raindrop 16 Hot pants 17 Emu 19 Marconi 21 Maple 22 Tunic 23 Elation DOWN: 1 Obverse 2 Sombrero 3 User 4 Charades 5 Lash 6 Cease 8 Millionaire 13 Reproach 14 Overpaid 15 Lucerne 18 Emits 20 Reno 21 Mead QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Forget-me-not 8 Ran 9 Bob 11 Oil lamp 12 Arena 13 Try 14 Yet 15 Tutored 17 Rut 19 Yarn 21 Owls 23 Teen 25 Came 27 Tea 29 Escaped 31 Ore 34 Pro 36 Sauce 37 Edition 38 Sir 39 Ewe 40 Look daggers DOWN: 1 Fair 2 Only 3 Gradual 4 Top dog 5 Erase 6 Obey 7 Tone 8 Rotor 10 Baton 16 Dye 18 Tom 20 Ant 22Wee 24 Evening 25 Cross 26 Camera 28 Alone 30 Speak 32 Rail 33 Euro 34 Pier 35 Rows
The coin on one obverse bears the image of Sakhir VIPs' Tower at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).
The silver medal and coin in a special denomination of 100 fils, has the image of the VIP Sakheer Tower on the obverse of the coin, while its margin is carved with 'Kingdom of Bahrain - Bahrain Grand Prix" along with the date "2004-2014.
Chapters are included on classification and chronology, typology of the coins, and an overview of gold content of the coins in the context of the history of coinage and a survey of coinage divided into separate overviews of gold and silver coins lead into the main body of the volume: plates illustrating 867 coins, obverse and reverse, together with full description of each coin and information on its provenance.
The ` 500 note contains a readable security thread alternately visible on the obverse with inscriptions ' Bharat' and ' RBI'.
Byrne characterizes the obverse and reverse sides of the Golden State with anagrams' that read like book titles: