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Synonyms for obtuseness

the quality of being slow to understand

the quality of lacking a sharp edge or point

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Seeing what her interrogator is up to, Grace easily outwits him, and Simon starts down the path of obtuseness that leads both to his own undoing and the story's surprising climax.
When in his last years he focused, in ghostly, glowing colors, on the obtuseness of things - their psychic life the projection of our own (Gooseberries, 1987; his stunning series "String,") - and the body as an obscure object of desire (Kneeling Magical Figure, 1990; Parka, 1986), he was criticized for "his new circumspect decorum" or for being "maddeningly enigmatic" rather than recognized for what his work had always been doing, humorously, profoundly.
Burkholz's ideology prevents him from presenting a coherent interpretation, but the facts he relates tell a sufficiently woeful tale in spite of the author's obtuseness.
The Air Force's reaction was a combination of highhandedness and obtuseness.
Of course, neither of them was prepared to admit the silliness, superficiality, and moral obtuseness of much they had done the earlier times they came.
Genet might have appreciated his willful obtuseness on this score.
Since my last essay in this space attempted to adumbrate the principle for would-be censors, we have seen a spectacular illustration of the truth that meaning depends on context--and of a characteristic political obtuseness in understanding it.
At times, they were given a free hand but they were often hamstrung by rules, regulations, obtuseness, or timidity.
The external narrator drops his mock exasperation and incredulity to impersonate Wheeler's placid obtuseness.
In the section "Offshore" Feldman writes about travel to Uruguay, his impractical love of sailing, and his wonder at Walter Cronkite's obtuseness about Vietnam.
However, if the setter is of a lesser calibre, you will either finish in 15 minutes and be left feeling hungry or be unable to get more than one or two answers and, upon checking the solution, curse the setter for his/her obtuseness or downright idiocy.
We're angry at the obtuseness of the vessel's opponents, their misogyny.
If the religious individual realizes that the status of living beings before God is greater than previously thought, perhaps human obtuseness toward and ill-treatment of nature will decrease.
The fact that Romney allowed his strategists to keep a fence around him and his faith, which is so central to his life, the fact that he basically had nothing to say about where he wanted to lead the country, the fact that the private equity leecher spoke so dismissively about the 47 percent of people he regarded as moochers, the fact that this supposedly top-notch businessman did not seem to realize his campaign was using 20th-century technology -- all of this spoke to a certain tentativeness, obtuseness and callousness.
It amasses a wealth of meticulously researched detail, gradually building up into a detailed picture of the world in which Powell lived and worked--the facts and figures, the percentages, the scams and stratagems, the petty arguments, the official obtuseness.