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Synonyms for obtuseness

the quality of being slow to understand

the quality of lacking a sharp edge or point

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Sagaciously under their spectacles, did they peep into the holds of vessels Mighty was their fuss about little matters, and marvellous, sometimes, the obtuseness that allowed greater ones to slip between their fingers Whenever such a mischance occurred -- when a waggon-load of valuable merchandise had been smuggled ashore, at noonday, perhaps, and directly beneath their unsuspicious noses -- nothing could exceed the vigilance and alacrity with which they proceeded to lock, and double-lock, and secure with tape and sealing -- wax, all the avenues of the delinquent vessel.
As the father of a good friend once patiently tried to explain to me - valiantly continuing in the face of my (I like to think temporary, but it will keep flaring up) obtuseness - there is a difference between anticipation and expectation.
Forget the moral obtuseness that allowed Adolf Hitler to host the 1936 Olympic Games, but barred defending gold medallist Eleanor Holm from competing in them because the 22-year-old drank champagne on the ship transporting the United States team to Germany.
By endorsing such a man under the specter of such allegations, he demonstrated a moral obtuseness even greater than usual.
obtuseness in failing to recognize and understand the regional geopolitical realities mentioned above.
That said, the banks didn't pay (really) for their obtuseness that almost brought down the global economy because the U.
But, beyond the moral obtuseness of the comparison, this approach simply is not useful.
While there are differences between the two men, they agree upon the major points: the evils of Islamism, the blindness and obtuseness of the West in attempting to understand and counter Islamism, and most crucially, the urgent necessity of reforming Radical Islam.
caused me to burn with embarrassment at its obtuseness on how regulation works, how the oil industry works, how drilling works.
Behind this appalling moral obtuseness is the refusal to accept solidarity.
At times, they were given a free hand but they were often hamstrung by rules, regulations, obtuseness, or timidity.
In the section "Offshore" Feldman writes about travel to Uruguay, his impractical love of sailing, and his wonder at Walter Cronkite's obtuseness about Vietnam.
We're angry at the obtuseness of the vessel's opponents, their misogyny.
However, if the setter is of a lesser calibre, you will either finish in 15 minutes and be left feeling hungry or be unable to get more than one or two answers and, upon checking the solution, curse the setter for his/her obtuseness or downright idiocy.
whose invincible simplicity or obtuseness leads him to persist in putting an interpretation on affairs which the knowing reader .